Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 8, 2013


Today is the Tiberinalia, the festival in honor of the Roman river-god Tiberinus, the god of the Tiber River in Rome itself.

Tiberinus features in a number of Roman myths, including the Aeneid where he gives advice to Aeneas, as well as in the story of Romulus and Remus, in which he reveals the exposed twins to the Lupa to suckle, and he eventually marries the twins’ mother Rhea Silvia. The latter is depicted on the altar above, which is from Traianic/Hadrianic times.

But, in some versions of his mythology, he was also said to have once been mortal, and he drowned in the Tiber, which forever after bore his name. And, of course, this makes him somewhat similar to Antinous.

I am, however (as you may recall from yesterday), thinking more of someone who is a Mystes of Antinous today than the god of the Tiber. So, I will make those two things into a common concern in what follows below.

The Passage of Rivers

Tiberinus, sovereign of the river-gods of Italy,
know this, and pass this message to the Liquentia,
the river whose god is forgotten in fluidity:

A poet is coming to you from the regions
where the Snohomish River flows,
kin to the Stillaguamish, Skagit, and Pilchuck.

The waters of these rivers have given the poet life,
and the poet will bring them to your living waters,
and will be filled with your living waters in turn.

On your feast-day, Tiberinus, prepare yourself,
and send out the message that her arrival is soon,
a devotee of the god who became god by the Nile.


Ave Tiberine! Ave Ave Antinoe!


  1. *hug*

    • *hugs back*

      Say hello to Disirdottir for me when you see her this week–I’ve not seen her for many months!

  2. the queerest is that the source of the commemoration of the festival and the mention comes from the place so far away from the Tiber River itself, which still exists. It looks like we care of the River and their history much more than the people. Just some thoughts.

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