The Red Lotus Library is the publishing arm of the Ekklesía Antínoou, and seeks to publish any works that further the causes of Antinoan devotion, queer polytheism, queer spiritual poetry and writing, and reconstructionist magic and mysticism.


The Syncretisms of Antinous
An in-depth exploration of Antinous’ relationship to other gods and heroes of the Greek, Roman, and Egyptian pantheons, both in antiquity and in later centuries.

Antinous, the deified lover of the Roman Emperor Hadrian (117-138 CE), was syncretized to a large number of deities and heroes in his ancient cultus, and the process didn’t stop when that cultus ended in the fifth century. Archaeologists, scholars, artists, and admirers of male beauty continued to link him to a great many figures from Greek, Roman, and Egyptian mythology. In this book, you will find out about the familiar as well as the more obscure syncretisms of Antinous, from Hermes to Herakles, Dionysos to the Dioskouroi, Apollon to Apis, Adonis to Attis, Pan to Poseidon, Achilleus to Aristaios, Endymion to Eunostos, Eros to Echmoun, and many more! You will also find resources to guide you in getting to know these syncretisms further, and ideas for devotional practices based upon them.

U.S. $20. vii + 162 pp.
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Devotio Antinoo: The Doctor’s Notes, Volume One

All you’ll need to start your own devotions to Antinous, including translated ancient texts and modern rituals of the Ekklesía Antínoou.

Devotio Antinoo: The Doctor’s Notes, Volume One is the culmination of nearly ten years of research and devotion on the part of its author, presented now for the use of anyone who wishes to develop a devotional practice with Antinous, the gods with whom he was syncretized, Hadrian, other Divi, and many more divine figures. Learn the holy days and festivals of the year, the hymns and prayers for different occasions, the ancient texts that have survived in papyrus fragments, literary excerpts, and inscriptions, and ideas on different devotional activities that can be performed as well. Everything you need to practice in the tradition of the Ekklesía Antínoou is contained in this book, and much more!

U.S. $35. x + 512 pp.
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All-Soul, All-Body, All-Love, All-Power: A TransMythology

A new poetic myth about four transgender and gender-diverse deities, born anew for our own times and concerns, from the gods and mortals of old, with some commentary, interpretations, and history.

Learn the history of the Tetrad–Panpsyche, Panhyle, Paneros, and Pancrates–for the first time in this book-length poetic narrative on their conception, birth, and histories. A trans-positive, polyamorotheist, super-syncretistic, queer extravaganza of a tale featuring Antinous, Polydeukion, and a veritable who’s-who of gender-variant deity cameos from many cultures worldwide! Arising in part from a response to the transgender exclusionary events of PantheaCon 2011/2012, as well as the author’s own experience as a metagender person, and a devotee of a wide variety of queer-friendly deities, this is one of the first attempts at a completely modern, trans-specific, trans-positive mythic narrative. With artwork by Nicole Hernandez, Michael Sebastian Lvx, and Jory Mickelson.

U.S. $20. x + 164 pp.
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A Garland for Polydeukion

The first detailed and dedicated treatment of Polydeukion, the heroized youth who was a foster-son to Herodes Attikos, from a polytheist perspective. Learn all about Polydeukion and his fellow Trophimoi, Achilles and Memnon, as well as Herodes Attikos, his wife Appia Annia Regilla, and their other children. Poetry inspired by their modern polytheist devotion is also included, as well as several essays and some fiction dealing with them in various ways.

U.S. $20. iii + 192 pp.
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A Serpent Path Primer

An exploration of the Serpent Path, the Ekklesia Antinoou’s theological system and spiritual methodology for mapping the syncretisms of Antinous, opening a divine window into further relationship with him and the deities and heroes to whom he is linked. Included in the volume is an in-depth examination of syncretism, both historically and in its most fruitful modern polytheist understandings, and nine Appendices with material ranging from spells and rituals to poems related to the Serpent Path, its usage, and its results.

U.S. $20. iv + 192 pp.
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Ephesia Grammata: Ancient History and Modern Practice

The Ephesia Grammata, the “Ephesian Letters” (also known as the “aski kataski formula” or the “Orphic formula”) are a set of well-known magical words from antiquity that appeared in spells, protective amulets, and other sources in the ancient and late antique Mediterranean worlds. This small volume will allow you to learn their history, see examples of their usage in ancient spells and lead tablets, understand their role as protective amulets, become familiar with the Ephesia Grammata as divine grammatical beings and methods to connect with polytheistic deities, and to establish a practice with the letters as a system of divination!

U.S. $12. x + 125 pp.
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For the Queens of Heaven: Poems For The Goddesses: A collection of poems for a variety of goddesses from many different polytheistic cultures, with over fifty “fragments” of poems to come in the not-too-distant future in a further volume of goddesses-praises poetry!

Through All-Strife to All-Acceptance: Further TransMythologies: Includes the Tetrad++ Group poems “The Marriage of Paneros” and “The Sixth,” as well as additional essays on the Tetrad++ Group and their devotion and relevance to modern gender-variance in spiritual practice.

TransGenerations: The Cycle of the Tetrad++: The “Grand Grimoire of the Tetrad++ Group,” comprising a collection of all the writings on the Tetrad++ Group up to this point, with a few further bonuses thrown in (including a comprehensive index lacking in the previous volumes!), and with further original artwork.

Polytheist Reconstructionism as Methodology: An examination of the process of polytheist reconstructionism with the understanding that reconstructionist paths are ones which use this methodology rather than “religions” unto themselves.

Studium Antinoi: The Doctor’s Notes, Volume Two: Studies in theology and ethics, both new and from P. Sufenas Virius Lupus’ old website, Aedicula Antinoi.

Something To Do: A Pagan Experiential Praxis Theology: An argument for pagan theology and values in general from a radical perspective, and on the value of experiential, personal, and local polytheist religion, both with direct relevance to Ekklesía Antínoou practice and more widely.

Fasti Antinoi et Sancti: An in-depth detailing of the Ekklesía Antínoou calendar and the Sancti.

The Triads of Antinous: A gnomic text for ease in understanding theological shorthand for Antinous and within Ekklesía Antínoou practice.


If you’d like to get involved with The Red Lotus Library, or to propose a manuscript, anthology, or project under our aegis, feel free to get in contact with P. Sufenas Virius Lupus through this blog!


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  6. I am a former Christian monk who has become a pagan and discovered Antinous (or rather He discovered me…). I love your book “The Syncretisms of Antinous” and have found it very informative and useful. I am trying to establish a daily devotion to Antinous, so I am anxiously awaiting publication of “Devotio Antinoo: The Doctor’s Notes, Volume One” – any news on when this will be available?


    • Thank you for reading and commenting!

      I’m hoping it will be in the May/June range…Much depends on a variety of things. While I have no income at present–which causes its own problems–that means I have a lot of time; unfortunately, more and more of that time is taken up with having to look for sources of income, so final writing and editing concerns get shunted to the side. But, as I said, I’m hoping that this will come about in the next few months…Thanks for asking and for being patient! :)

    • In case you have not seen the announcements about it elsewhere, Devotio Antinoo is now available!

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  8. We would love to feature your books in Living Traditions. An Australian pagan journal of tradition, esotericism and paganism. We can review print or pdf copies. Can you drop me an email to discuss.
    Robert Black

    • I will do that soon! Thank you for getting in contact!

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