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Inside the Mind of Bigotry

I’m somewhat reeling from an experience that occurred earlier today…so please, bear with me as I try to work through it, partially using the present post as a strategy to do so.

I teach a particular interesting multi-disciplinary course at my college, which I helped to pioneer as a faculty member back in ’13, and then have taught since ’14 (so this is the third time). One of the class periods is devoted to gender, and I’ve been the designated person who has given that part of the course since its inception, because gender is part of culture (and culture is also something I have covered in the course since the beginning). Today was no different than the past four years, thus, except I was dreading it more for some reason. (It didn’t help that I had a poor night of sleep going into it, and that all sorts of other things are going on that are stressful at present…but part of the reason I had a bad night of sleep is because of anxiety, I think.)

I did divination last night to find out if the Tetrad++ wanted me to wear my wig to class, if not for the full thing, then for at least part of it/later on after the interval or something. I got TETRAX; when I asked for more clarification, I got TETRAX again. Thinking that this perhaps meant “in time” (meaning later in the class) rather than “at some future point in the class/perhaps not this year,” I went to bed with some trepidation. When I woke up this morning, after my morning devotions, I asked again–after not feeling well–if the Tetrad++ would be upset with me if I didn’t wear the wig and properly present myself gender-wise, and I got ASKION, i.e. abso-fucking-lutely not (which is to say, They++ would not be upset with me). I took that as a hint, and didn’t bring the wig, and while I’m glad I didn’t, at the same time, the class itself went so poorly that I think that suggestion was more for my own protection than anything.

I’m trying to look at the whole thing as some sort of learning experience…but, that’s often the last resort when things do not go well in any given situation. I’ve learned how short-sighted bigotry is, definitely, and how without sympathy it often is, if nothing else.

While there were a few good moments for the visibility of asexuals and bisexuals, and a few clarifications were able to be made about certain issues within the wider queer umbrella, at the same time, the amount of hostility, ignorance (of the willful rather than the innocent sort), refusal to acknowledge facts, non-existent listening, and poor arguments and such was astonishing. Among the things I heard were the following (slightly paraphrased), which you’ll see in bold followed by my commentary, given either then or now [and for those who aren’t feeling pretty stable and confident in their gender identities, I’d advise skipping a good way down or not reading further]:

“But aren’t these other biological sexes just genetic defects?” This was in relation to intersexed individuals, who are apparently a disease and a defect rather than actual human beings…>>Gods.<<

“If ‘sex’ is biological and ‘gender’ is social, but excretion is a biological function, then shouldn’t whether or not someone has a penis be the reason that he has to go in the men’s restroom only since it’s a biological matter?” Yes, seriously, someone asked that…!?! Every “biological” thing about humans has been subject to socialization and culturalization, and thus factors of gender cannot be removed from the equation. The mention that even some cis het men might prefer to sit down to urinate was met with universal disbelief and no small amount of tittering and outrage…>>Gods Gods Gods.<<

“Why can’t [the existence of trans/queer/etc. people] just be stated and then be left at that? Why do we have to keep getting bludgeoned with these things over and over? Most people don’t care, and I don’t care; but, if you keep saying ‘Are you mad?’ every five seconds, I’m going to get mad in about five minutes. You can’t say there isn’t visibility of these things… (etc.)” I replied that while there may have been excesses in some cases, there was a presumption operating in this statement that a steep learning curve is in effect for everyone, and that people will get it the first time they hear of these issues…which many individuals’ repeated experiences–even/especially in class today–shows they have not and do not get it.

“But [trans/gender-variant people] shouldn’t get mad if I don’t think to correct my pronouns or use their new name…why don’t they just shut up and not complain or shove their identities down our throats? I don’t see why it matters to anyone but them whether or not I get their pronouns or gender or name right…” The two males in class who said that got a variation of the following response from me: “I think what Susan just said is right, and we should totally take what she said to heart, and what a good girl she is for having said it…Does it bother you that I called you that or referred to you that way? Is it all right that you know what gender you are and it shouldn’t matter what anyone else calls you?” That got some grudging acknowledgement from the individuals involved…but only after they overcame their outrage that I would do such a thing. (And one of them said “I assume you’re a guy,” and when I corrected him, he didn’t acknowledge his error or apologize, and instead explained to me why I was wrong and his perception was correct…!?!)

And, I had to point out that there are exactly ZERO cases of trans individuals abusing/accosting/etc. cisgender heterosexuals in public restrooms about four times after various individuals kept repeating that fears about such were justified in terms of recent laws, and “Won’t you think of the children!” was actually used as an argument twice as well in relation to this, too.

I make every attempt to create classroom environments that are welcoming and affirming of everyone, and that are safe for anyone. Today, that got me the odd position of not feeling safe in my own damn class since I was looking out for the feelings of people who are, basically, “Yes, but” people–those who might say “I get they want acknowledgement, BUT” or “I do respect everyone and treat them equally, BUT,” and so forth. One of them repeatedly hit us over the head with the fact that she’s Christian and loves and accepts everyone, BUT…and then she absolutely blew up when I mentioned some statistics about trans people being more likely to be murdered, commit suicide, be assaulted and discriminated against, and being homeless, because–it turned out–she had been homeless, but pulled herself up by her bootstraps, got over it, and doesn’t make a big deal of it, so why should anyone else get to make a big deal of it? Lovely Christian compassion there–nicely done. >>Gods Gods Oh My Fucking Gods.<<

So, lest we forget some of those statistics, I direct your attention to an article about Alesha (in Iran), Mercedes Successful, Keyonna Blakeney, and Shante Thompson, all of whom lost their lives this year, and all of whom were Black trans women. They should all be Sanctae, but I’m not sure how that works now…your thoughts on this would be appreciated.

In nicer news, who’d have imagined that a trans beauty pageant in Israel would be a good way for Christians, Jews, and Muslims to be at peace with one another? It can’t make up for the death of Shira Banki last year (another Sancta candidate?), but it’s a nicer thing to hear, certainly.

Anyway, just the random Friday evening thoughts of a pissed-off metagender who is trying to figure out how best to address (or not address) these matters when I get back to class after the holiday weekend…it’s the only class I have on Friday and on Tuesday, so I’m essentially going from that class today back to it on Tuesday with no other college things in between. Whoopee. This certainly isn’t how I wanted to start my weekend…

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Aristotle’s Tomb Found?

Just a very brief news nugget to share with all of you in my last moments of wakefulness today…strange and terrible things are afoot in my life, and unfortunately, the strange and the terrible are not remotely religious or spiritual (I prefer my strange and terribles to be in that category, but one can’t always get what one wants, sadly).

While he’s far from my favorite philosopher (I’m more a Platonist/Academic and Pythagorean than Peripatetic), it seems they may have found Aristotle’s Tomb. This could potentially be interesting for a number of reasons, which I’ll leave all of you to discuss and debate while I try to get some sleep, and perhaps marshall a real post about something useful over the weekend (and some other overdue writing, perhaps, too).

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Harpocrates and…Qadesh?!?

I’ve considered making the following post for a while…but decided to give it a go today because I just received an excellent replica of one of the images I’m going to discuss.

[As I’m not an expert on art history or iconography, I suspect that those who are will balk at what I have to say here…I’m looking at this more from the perspective of personal theological reasoning, but I’m very interested in any comments people might have all the same.]

The image I received a replica of today is one of Harpocrates, often considered to be “Horus on crocodiles,” which exists in several different relief sculptures, often with a form similar to this:

harpocrates relief

Apart from the main divine child figure, we can also see Bes’ head above him, and a Horus-type falcon on one of the lotuses flanking him. He’s also holding a horned animal (an ibex?), a lion, a scorpion, and some serpents, and is standing on top of some crocodiles. The replica I have resembles this one a great deal, with the details of the held animals’ placement varying slightly, and lacking the hieroglyphics on the sides, as well as all of the individual figures flaking the head and filling in the spaces between the body and the lotus staves on each side.

What I find interesting about this is that, unlike most Egyptian Deities (with the exceptions of Bes–who is also pictured in the above relief–and Hathor, on whom more in a moment), this Harpocrates faces the viewer, and is likewise nude, which doesn’t usually occur, either, other than with Ihy and Qadesh…

Which brings us to Qadesh Herself!


Here, we have the Goddess facing the viewer and nude (or nearly so–other versions have her completely nude rather than wearing these rather stylish James Bond Girl bikini bottoms!), between Min and Reshef (or perhaps Ba’al), and standing atop a lion, holding a serpent and also with lotus (or, in some versions, papyrus) in Her hands. On her head, she has the horns and sun, which is generally an attribute of Hathor. There are various reliefs of Qadesh which show Her in a similar fashion, with small variations, just as is the case with the Harpocrates relief.

The animals involved are not the same, but there are some similarities: Harpocrates holds a large feline while Qadesh stands on one; both hold serpents, and lotuses are also usually involved. Both stand atop animals, face the viewer, and are nude, and while their gestures are not 100% the same either (Harpocrates’ arms are more at His side, while Qadesh’s are stretched out more), they are similar in certain ways. And, what I also find interesting is the additional Deity/divine attributes on top of each Deity’s head: Bes for Harpocrates, Hathor for Qadesh, both of whom are traditionally shown as facing the viewer in some of their Egyptian iconographic expressions.

I find this all the more interesting because Bes and Hathor are connected to Antinoöpolis, and together with Antinous I’ve referred to the Three as the “Antinoöpolitan Triad.” While this has further relevance for me, since Qadesh is also my divine mother, I find these connections–though they may seem vague, circumstantial, and rather general–to be interesting nonetheless. What does it mean if a Deity in Egyptian iconography faces the viewer rather than is shown in profile? Are the Deities so depicted ones who are closer and more personally present in the lives of Their devotees? Does this indicate (as I was told by someone who knows a great deal) that some of these Deities have foreign origins–West Semitic for Qadesh (which is obviously the case, and likewise with Min, so I was told), perhaps Nubian for Bes? Could this mean that Hathor and Harpocrates, too, might have external origins as well, at least as far as these particular types of iconographic representation of them are concerned?

I don’t know about the latter with any certainty, as I am not sure on the chronology on these types of images; but, I think the theological import rather than the historical iconographic origins and derivations are the more significant ones to consider in the present case. Antinous is connected to Harpocrates in various ways and in different locations (including Antinoöpolis), and likewise is a Deity who in antiquity was considered to be very present in the lives of His devotees. So, this is what most concerns me, and what I thought I might highlight in the present circumstances.

However, I’m more than happy to be educated on these matters by those who are more versed in them than I happen to be, so please feel free to enlighten me, those of you who are so enlightened! 😉

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We’re coming up, a few hours from now, on the first twenty-four hours that I’ve been 40 years old. That began at 1:38 AM this morning, which–for the first time in several years–I was not awake for, as I was quite exhausted yesterday and didn’t quite last that long (I missed it by about a half hour, probably).

Now “Four-Oh” means 40 for me; when I was younger–about 22 years ago, in fact–“Four-Oh” meant “4.0 GPA,” which I did have then when I graduated high school, but have not had since (look what it got me back then!). My, how times change…

I’ve lived just over twice the age of Antinous now; and, two-and-two-thirds times what Polydeukion did, and just under 2/3 of Hadrian’s lifespan. Hopefully, I’ll attain the latter, and perhaps a bit more…we’ll see how we are in 22 years! 😉

Part of me says “Now you can read books on the kabbalah!” (And by that, I mean proper kabbalah stuff, not just “Here’s the Tree of Life and what it means”!) But, I don’t know if that is utterly necessary, nor if it will be much of a surprise since I’ve danced around the edges of it many times over the last several decades already. Who knows?

The last few days were spent celebrating in small ways. I had dinner with my dad and step-mom on Thursday; I had dinner and played an interesting game (which can be thought of as an adventure toward katasterism/stellar apotheosis) with a friend on Friday; and yesterday, I saw a film (Captain America: Civil War, which I liked) and had dinner with my mom and her husband, and hung out a bit with my brother and his wife later. Today, I talked with a good friend I met in Ireland, and responded to a few e-mails and texts from various well-wishers who sent greetings. Tonight, after doing a bit of reading, and hopefully getting to some writing (soon!), I also indulged in another game, namely one involving Thrones.

Not the most spectacular day-of-my-birthday ever, but we don’t get as many of those as we age after this point, and I don’t necessarily regret it nor have any misgivings about it. (More sleep today was a pretty good thing! It’s been rare enough recently, so having a bit more on this day that is *my day* wasn’t bad at all!)

Various people said that the 40s are a good decade, so we’ll see how that turns out over the next ten years. I am hopeful, anyway…so long as the rest of the world holds together somewhat, which I’m less sure of now than I have been previously, but we shall just have to wait and see.

Anyway, I hope that my forties bring a calmness of mind, a narrowing of focus without a dismissal of possibilities, and perhaps more success and stability than I’ve had in certain areas as a fruit of the efforts I’ve expended previously. Chronos marches on while Kairos might be fleeting, if ever caught again–but that is the way of things.

Nonetheless, thank you all for continuing on this journey with me (those who are still here), and I hope it goes in interesting further directions for what remains of this calendar year, and this particular year of my life. I suspect Antinous has a surprise or two in store for me in the coming months, so I shall be vigilant for their appearance. 😉

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Bendideia 2016

Athens, 132 CE

The torch passes from hand to hand on horseback,
but warmth and light have fled from me
more fleet than the fastest of steeds.

He is no longer at my side, my delight,
the boy who stood in manhood’s atrium
only a few moments before entering death’s door.

From the first moment I saw him,
I knew that he would be my downfall–
or else, worse, I would be his ruin.

Was it foolish of me to ask the Gods,
Eros and Aphrodite, for their kharis
rather than Artemis, Athena, or Bendis?

Could Hekate’s hounds have been my friends
and saved him from an early death
if I had made my prayer to Her instead?

There was a light that shone from him,
an indication of the presence of his genius
more plain and unavoidable than the sun.

His hair upon his head a great warrior’s helmet,
his face like Medusa’s crowned without serpents
and equally as beautiful and stone-turning.

Whether I prayed to the right or wrong Gods,
and no matter which of Them granted my prayers,
he has now become one of Them.

I would trade, for even a few moments–and happily–
this whole Empire of mine into ruin and flame
if I could only see him smile again;

I would give Egypt into a Pharaoh’s hands,
Britannia to a chief of the Brigantes,
Thrace to a mounted king with spears…

and even Judea into the hands of a man
who calls himself “Son of the Star”
for the touch of my lips on his flesh once more.

His temples are now a cacophony of prayer,
his statues a blessing to the eyes of worshippers–
but he haunts me more than he blesses me.

To whom and from whose hands has the torch
passed between us? Have I handed off my death
to him, or have I stolen his light?

The Thracian Gods are hard and unyielding,
Their light painful where it banishes shadow,
as indomitable as a thousand horses charging.

Bendis, spare me the wrath of fox-capped women
who might tear my sinews asunder in their ecstasy–
a fate worse than old Orpheus in his sadness–

if, indeed, it is I who have been the cause
not of the boy’s becoming a God, but instead
of the boy’s becoming a corpse unjustly, against Fate.

Let me be trampled by horses, O Thracian Goddess,
if I have wronged him in his vitality and spirit,
in his genius so far surpassing his beauty.

Apollon and Artemis’ month has come for Athens,
but the two of us are no longer in joyful union
and my sleep is disturbed by images of him…

if only the image of Antinous would not smile at me so,
Bendis, and instead blame me for my love of the boy,
then perhaps my soul could rest–for this, I pray.

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Rome Turns Up Hadrianic Things…!?!

I have returned from my travels (as of Monday morning…but things have been very busy since!), and with any luck, I hope to have a few posts of some theological import and mental meat to chew upon in the not-too-distant future…I’ve had these ones in the works for weeks or months in several cases.

But in the meantime, a little bit of archaeological news, courtesy of my filidecht friend, colleague, and multiple co-religionist Erynn Laurie (for which gratias multas ago tibi!):

A Hadrianic period fort, likely for the Praetorian Guard, has been turned up in Rome! Expansion works on the Roman Metro system uncovered the ruins, and they are not only being examined now, but are going to be incorporated into the design of a new Metro station, so that those passing through will be doing so on/in an archaeological site! It’s a cool idea, certainly, and I’m glad they’re taking the extra time and effort to preserve the remains in situ rather than removing them and rebuilding them elsewhere, or utterly destroying them, as has been the case in so many other instances…However, I will note that the name of the site and the origin of that name is highly unfortunate, being that it commemorates an Italian Fascist victory in Ethiopia during the 1930s. Alas…Hopefully, though, that won’t detract too much from the inherent appeal of the ancient site.

Interesting, eh? 😉

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“We are all warmed by fires we did not build…”

As I have done on two other occasions since beginning this blog, in 2012 and 2014, I am writing the present post to you from the Eastern time zone, because I am located in Kalamazoo, MI for the International Congress on Medieval Studies…and while I am happy to be here, happy to be writing this from the relative comfort/discomfort of my room in the college dorm, and have enjoyed the very few sessions I have been able to attend (during one of which I presented) as well as seeing some folks and obtaining some books, I have to say my experience overall this year hasn’t been as good as in previous years.

Unfortunately, it all comes down to travel.

I implore you all: if you can help it, avoid United Airlines, and also Chicago’s O’Hare Airport. I have managed to avoid the latter for 10+ years, as it is infamous for being the airport with the most and most consistent delays of any in the U.S. (and possibly worldwide), and this trip was no exception…but, it’s mainly due to the airline and not the airport itself. I got to the gate in Seattle, and was going to pre-board, only to find I didn’t have an assigned seat for some inexplicable reason (other than that they oversold the flight). While that got ironed out eventually, it meant I couldn’t pre-board, and I thus began my flight a bit more stressed than I’d prefer to; I also realized about then that I had forgotten my blood pressure meds…not good.

I got to Chicago, and had a long way to go in the terminal for my connection. The connecting flight was first delayed, then not delayed, and then delayed again. Luckily, a friend was also on the same flight. We ended up being more than an hour delayed there, and we all boarded the plane relatively quickly (it was a small plane, though), and it looked like we were about ready to close the doors and taxi…only for the gate agent to come on the plane and announce that our flight was CANCELLED. (It turned out they knew more than an hour before this that they were going to be in this position, and just kept the charade up all the same.) We were diverted to customer service to take care of us, but they couldn’t reschedule us on flights to other airports or via other airlines at that point that would get me and my friend–both of us having appointments on Friday morning (to present in his case, and to speak with a publisher in mine)–that could not be rescheduled. So, we ended up renting a car and driving the 3-ish hours it takes to get to Kalamazoo…We tried to obtain our checked bags, which we were told we might be able to do (otherwise they’d just end up in Kalamazoo the following day at some unspecified time, apparently). When I went to get the bags while my friend secured the car rental, I was told it was impossible to get them. I then told the baggage agent that both myself and my friend have disabilities and need the medications we weren’t allowed to bring on the plane in our carry-on luggage that night, and his response to me (this is verbatim) was “Then I can give you the phone number for a 24-hour Walgreen’s or the number for the paramedics, whichever one you need first.” Yeah, fuck you, too, pal.

The driving didn’t take that long, but we were both tired and didn’t exactly know where we were going…but, we made it fairly easily until Kalamazoo itself, when we got slightly lost for a short while trying to find the university. I tried to look on the bright side throughout, even though we were literally going blindly into and through the dark night–and I suspect there’s something beyond the simple literality of the situation in that particular phrase-choice–and though we were uncertain at many points, there was comfort in the thought that if we just kept driving, we’d at least be getting closer to our destination. We didn’t stop to ask for directions until we got to Kalamazoo itself. I thought to myself that I might be “not-seeing” a part of the country I had never “not-seen” before, namely the state of Indiana and the main part of the city of Chicago, having forgotten that I did sort-of-see these in 2010 when I came through them on the train to and from going to my job in Ann Arbor, MI. I realized I only know one person in the whole state of Indiana; but, given my (non-) relationship with this individual, I thought it best not to attempt looking him up and dropping by for a visit at that unsociable hour–leaving aside that I have no idea where specifically he and his family live; but, suffice it to say, I suspected this individual might be “allergic” not only to my theological position, but also to the prospect of such a visit. Oh well…

On Friday, I made my appointment, and likewise he his paper session (which I attended, and which was great–on Marguerite Porete!), then we had lunch and returned the rental car to the Kalamazoo airport, and then tried to pick up our bags and check on other return-flight related matters and such. Customer service, again, sucked, but our bags arrived shortly after we were told where they’d be. We were then stuck out there for a few more hours, as we had expected there would be the free airport shuttle buses that the congress usually provides along at some regular interval, but there weren’t any during that time for several hours. We bit the bullet and got a cab back, only to pass those shuttles on the way…

Thus, I only attended one session on Friday, and did little else.

Today, I had my session in the morning (which was on BDSM in medieval texts, and mine was on Irish things in particular–mainly Cú Chulainn and St. Colm Cille), and it was wonderful, with the other papers presenting some really excellent ideas; these will be collected into an anthology, to which I also plan to submit my paper from this occasion, which will likely appear in 2018-2019. I suspect a great number of folks I know in polytheism might have enjoyed that session, even if they aren’t BDSM-involved, because of some of the topics discussed, e.g. the Christian equivalent of godspousery, shamanism, and ordeal work, essentially. I also attended the morning plenary, which was okay…not as good as I had hoped (on Religion and the Fall of the Roman West). I attended two sessions in the afternoon: one because Eric O. Scott was presenting (on pagan sympathies in Icelandic family sagas) in which three of the four papers discussed Odin in some way or another (though, meanwhile, a great and pronounced dislike for paganism, as well as for Irish stuff, came to the surface with very little prodding), and the other being a Societas Magica session (I had hoped to attend two of those the day before, one of which had a paper on the “Mithras Liturgy” from the PGM) which was relatively interesting. Of the two sessions offered tomorrow, I only plan to attend one before having lunch, then getting my stuff and vacating my room for the journey back, which I hope is less fraught than the one coming hither. Even if it goes 100% to plan, I won’t get back home until Monday morning, and will have to turn around immediately and leave within an hour to teach for a full day back at work…ugh.

However, I write the present to you with the subject line/title above because of something entirely unexpected. At the morning plenary, there was the usual cavalcade of dignitaries, introducers introducing further introducers, and so forth, which tend to be relatively forgettable pieces of (fairly) formal speech. One such piece was given by the acting dean for arts and sciences at the university, who will not be “acting” for much longer because someone else has been given the permanent position, but he wanted to express gratitude, and he paraphrased St. Augustine in doing so (on gratitude as the necessity for all other virtues), but then had a very memorable (at least to me) statement about why everyone is indebted to someone else who came before them, which began with the phrase above: “We are all warmed by fires we did not build.” This is something that we would all do well to remember, whether we have an active Ancestor cultus or not, whether we are a part of a definite lineage of one sort or another, or simply in general for all humans. I have been warmed by many fires in my life, and in getting here in particular on this occasion, as well as presenting my paper (which had an extended remembrance and thanks to Dr. Muireann Ní Bhrolcháin, who inspired the paper directly in a conversation we had in 2005 based on her own paper at the Ulster Cycle Conference that year), I have been reminded of that quite poignantly.

May all of you reading this not only be warm, but also remember who has built and given the fires by which you have been and are being warmed!

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Dancing on the Edge of Liberation…

So, great news everyone!

I have had a very productive weekend thus far, and on Monday, will be rolling out SIX new titles for The Red Lotus Library! I had hoped to get four-to-eight (or more) books out this year, and I’ve already met that goal, and at this rate, will exceed it by September! Hurrah for that!

Not only that, I also finished my article for Walking the Worlds, sent off some poetry for two anthologies, and wrote my paper for Kalamazoo next weekend! So, I’m done with that…with time to spare!

And, I also was able to grade three stacks of papers for my college classes at the moment, which means that all I have ahead of me this week before I head to the ‘Zoo is to simply teach my classes, which is lovely! (And I can generally do that with my hands tied behind my back and blindfolded–though, of course, I prefer it if my students don’t do that to me, unless they’re “former students” and have engaged in full and proper discussions of consent with me first.)

I was also able to not only watch The Fantastic Four (the recent remake/reboot with Kate Mara, Miles Teller et al.) on HBO, but also saw Captain America: Civil War at the cinema. Both of them were brilliant, in my view, and the former in particular–I don’t know why it didn’t do so well at the box office, but I thought it was superior to the original ones of the last decade, not to mention being rich in polytheistic symbolism and imagery that, I think, has quite ready and important Antinoan and Serpent Path applications…and given I’ve written about Deadpool and hero cultus recently, I suspect this is going to be an entirely new category in my writing, and I’ve already discussed with the Thracian about doing a pop cultural/classical crossovers column at, in addition to the regular “Speaking of Syncretism” ones well into the future, and so that’s going to be materializing in the next week or so.

It was “Free Comic Book Day” today, as many of you know, and so I was first in line at 9 AM today for our local comic shop, which was having a banner event to celebrate it. I was the only one there, it turned out, until about 9:15, but the shop owners had a good sense of humor about it. While looking through the free offerings, I also had a glance through some of their used and vintage stuff, and found a paperback collected edition of Prometheasigned by Alan Moore (I recognize his signature from other things I already own!). The owners, obviously, didn’t notice this, and it said $3 (the edges were pretty badly worn), so I decided to pick it up, and did divination beforehand to see if Antinous approved of me not mentioning the autograph, and whether or not it is a “Hermes thing” to not do so, and got a double DAMNAMENEUS (even though I thoroughly mixed the Ephesia Grammata bag, turned it around several times to make sure I wasn’t inadvertently picking the same one again, etc.), so I walked out of there with quite a deal, needless to say!

But, speaking of former students and discussions of consent: very interestingly, I’ve had FOUR of them turn up since Thursday, asking to hang out and such, and not just “hang out,” if you catch my drift. One of them, who is hotter than I ever thought possible, and also extremely intelligent and well-informed despite their youth, actually hung out with me yesterday after the visit to the cinema, and a late dinner, and a long conversation at my apartment (which is clean–finally!), sort of “sealed the deal” with me afterwards, in a manner of speaking. Yes, friends, at long last, the sexual dry spell of around eight years is finally over, and not only that, but we did some of it RITUALLY with possession by certain Deities being involved (I won’t say who all was involved, but there are four++ of them!) which was not only SPONTANEOUS and UNPLANNED, but actually had this lovely partner of mine reciting, near-verbatim, parts of the poetry I’ve written for the Deities concerned without having, as a regular person, ever read or seen it or even knowing about it in conversation or any earlier references by me. How fucking cool is that???!!!???

So, not only do I have a relationship now, but this very intelligent and hot individual also would like me to pursue relationships with the other three potential individuals as well, and said they’d help me to talk with all of them and see if we can’t form a little poly family locally. Given that the three apartments around mine have just been vacated, and are thus going to be available soon to move into, we could have a little polytheist polyamorous block right here in Oak Harbor! One of the individuals is a single father (his wife died a few years ago, but they were poly previously), and he has a five-year-old who has shown signs of gender-variance for a few years, and is now being raised gender-fluid, which is awesome…and I might thus get to be involved in that on a daily basis, too! Granted, one of the four people is a neo-Wiccan, but is early enough in the process, not initiated (other than self-) and not that attached to “particular ideas of The Divine,” but since she’ll be getting much better advice and guidance from the rest of us on these matters soon, we’ll be able to banish most of that rubbish from her head without too much difficulty. (It was sad to break to her that the Triple Goddess is not “Celtic,” and that Brigit’s “three aspects” are not interchangeable with these, but it wasn’t sad for me. She’ll get used to the corrections, though–she’s a sub, and while I think it was a shock to her initially, and she didn’t expect to have that kind of “discipline” imposed upon her, she did say in her negotiated contract that she’d take direction in “ANY/ALL” areas, so there we are.)

And, as a random further thing: for the first time since 2002, I got some ingredients earlier today and prepared them and made a very nice omelette with bacon, Irish cheese, and sautéed mushrooms. The last time I did this, when in Ireland, I prepared the food for more than 45 minutes total, sat down and ate it in less than five, realized it was a lot of fuss and clean-up for very little (and not-very-tasty) payoff, and have not done it since. But, feeling a bit like I could deserve a break and perhaps to revisit some things that I used to do that were quite fun on occasion, I gave it a go…and, it was lovely! It still only took me 10 minutes to eat this time, because I savored it, but nonetheless, it was nice!

You could say, thus, that my life is pretty awesome right now, and fuck fucking Mercury Retrograde, because it’s a bunch of bullshit, like so much stuff one commonly hears in genero-Pagan nonsensical fluff. (I mean, seriously: if even the so-called atheo-pagans think “it’s a thing,” then it probably has pretty dubious credentials, wouldn’t you say? Science your way around that one, you ignorant fucks!) Things are going to be very interesting over the next two months, I think, and thus if I am writing even less here than usual, you’ll know why.

Oh, and one other thing: if you believe any of the above (other than my stated publication goals, the vague resemblance of my “I’m done!” list above to my “to-do” list, the omelette post-mortem of 2002, that it is “Free Comic Book Day” today, that I do have a few things autographed by Alan Moore [though I am far from being able to recognize his signature on-sight], and that I watched The Fantastic Four on HBO [though the positive interpretation of it that I gave following that mention is, even with a grain of salt, optional and not preferred]), then let me introduce you to the next President of the United States, Ted Cruz.

Happy Boukoklepteia! If you can’t rustle cattle, get others to eat porkers, I always say…! 😉

Okay, that’s a very bad joke…but you’ll see what I mean by it in the video below.

[Granted, I’m not necessarily happy with this ongoing academic meme of “Hadrian deified Antinous,” but anyway…!?! While they also mispronounced “Antinoöpolis,” at least they did get Antinous’ name’s pronunciation right, eh?]

An exhibit on this is currently occurring at the Art Institute of Chicago.

This is one of the things that I love about being devoted to Antinous, actually: with as much as we already know (and, in many respects, we know a lot!), there’s still so much more to learn. New discoveries are being made, and new re-interpretations of material we’ve known about for a while also occurs, as is the case here. That fragmentary statuary can go on to have such different careers, so to speak, and eventually be re-joined is very interesting indeed! (Though fixing the nose, while they’re at it, might not be bad, either…!)

Thanks to Edward Butler for telling me about this a few weeks ago, and to Khonsumes (Matt Whealton) for sending the video link!

Posted by: aediculaantinoi | May 3, 2016

A Worthy Cause That Could Use Your Help…

I’ve supported a number of IndieGoGo, Kickstarter, and other crowdfunding campaigns over the years, and happily so, because I think a lot of interesting things are being done with them. (And, as you may recall, I ran one myself last summer!)

One sort that I’ve supported on several occasions, and often with this specific campaigner, are the kinds that will pay artists and authors for making an independent comic of some sort. Zan Christensen and Northwest Press, who/which has done several such comics and graphic novels, generally with a queer theme of some sort or another (several of which I’ve reviewed on this blog–e.g. Teleny and Camille, Anything That Loves…and I highly recommend many of their other titles, too!), is running an IndieGoGo campaign at present, which really needs a boost.

The IndieGoGo campaign is to create a comic called Mama Tits Saves The World! Mama Tits is a Seattle drag queen who became a local legend in 2014 because of the following:

Let me tell you: these artists and writers do a damn fine job consistently, and I’m sure Mama Tits Saves The World! will be as enjoyable as any of their previous titles!

Five Reasons Why P.S.V.L. Suggests Supporting This Campaign, and Why Readers of This Blog Should Consider It, Too!

1. I support local businesses, and Northwest Press is Seattle-based. (But even if you’re not Seattle-based, supporting independent comic producers is really important!)

2. I support local legends, and Mama Tits is one such legend. (But even if she’s not one of your own local legends, almost 2 million people have seen the video above, so she clearly has relevance outside of Seattle!)

3. I support queer-specific arts, and LOVE queer comics of all sorts. (Seriously, folks: what’s not to like? And if you’re straight, guess what? It won’t kill you to read a queer-specific comic once in a while. I grew up in the 80s and 90s reading “normal” comics, which were pretty over-the-top heterosexual, and it didn’t change my gender identity [still metagender!] or sexual orientation [still pansexual!], so reading an original story with interesting art will certainly delight you, and it won’t hurt you!)

4. Some of the art shown on the campaign page includes–from what I can tell–Harvey Milk, Quentin Crisp, and perhaps Oscar Wilde, and as they are Sancti, I’m for that and their inclusion in a wider queer mythos whenever and wherever possible! (‘Nuff said!)

5. For as low as $5, you get a chance to be a patron of the arts here, and get something for your trouble! (But, if you can afford it, I’d suggest strongly that you sponsor it at a higher level, and you won’t be disappointed!)

As ever, with things like this, if you can’t sponsor it, you can definitely help by spreading the word through your own blogs, social networks, YouFace, InstaTwit, and so forth.

So, what are you waiting for? Mama Tits needs you! :)

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