Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 9, 2010

…And, now this, too…

Another youth suicide: Brandon E. Bitner. I’m practically speechless…

What is further upsetting about this is the note toward the end of that article that says he went to a church youth group. Strangely, they weren’t able to do anything for him, and the “reaching out” that they encouraged their youth ministry participants to do for one another did not work.

May Antinous the Navigator guide Brandon, and give peace to his family and friends, and may Antinous the Liberator give them strength, and give the spirit to overcome these hostile forces to those besieged by them.


  1. […] The idea that they’re moving the date in order to be sensitive to the fact of all the recent suicides, and that they are urging everyone to be civilized in their discourse and “dialogue,” I […]

  2. […] 2010 due to homophobic bullying. Unfortunately, it did not do enough to help stop several suicides in the immediate aftermath and more recently as well. And, to be honest, I’m not certain that the people who started the […]

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