Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 18, 2010

Conjuncti Multi Hodie Iterum

Some more links on interesting things going on from the last few days…

Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wild Hunt blog, in his post for On Faith at The Washington Post’s site, talks about the religious dimension of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” question (and, thus, the religious dimension of all LGBTQI discrimination). As I mentioned last week in my Veteran’s Day post, it is quite preposterous that anything other than religiously motivated homophobia will fuel a lack of morale or a lack of unit cohesion for non-LGBTQI people (though I suspect that many letters in that acronym will still not be allowed to serve anytime soon) to accept their peers who are queer. In any case…

Meanwhile, over at, there is a series going right now on Harry Potter in advance of the next film coming out in the U.S. today/tomorrow. I’ve given my own contribution to that effort, which the editors there gave a fabulous title to: “Harry Potter and the Unexpected Gay Characters.” Meanwhile, Star Foster has also written a short intro to the series, and both her and some commenters mention that Daniel Radcliffe has been involved in the “It Gets Better” campaign, and that in a sense the outcome of the final story of the Harry Potter saga is, indeed, that “it gets better” for a child/teenager who has a great deal of difficulty merely surviving in a hostile world. Interesting food for thought!

And, in totally not related news, I saw a link recently to a story on an interesting manga called Seinto Oniisan (roughly “Saint Young Men”), on Jesus and Buddha in the modern world trying to fit in to life in the Tokyo suburbs. Given that this has been going for a few years now, and connects to certain other larger projects I’m doing in relation to Antinous, this does have some relevance for me, but not quite directly, perhaps. In any case…

More later perhaps.

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