Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 13, 2012

A bunch of things…

So, just on the heels of the release of All-Soul, All-Body, All-Love, All-Power, I have a number of things I’d like to briefly note here–some of them having directly to do with some of the situations that lead to the writing of that piece, and some not. Mostly not, but anyway…

I’m sure there are tons of people out there who don’t feel their lives are complete when they attend PantheaCon and can’t exclude or discriminate against someone. (Ha!) I’m sure they sit around planning their activities, saying things like “It won’t be a real PantheaCon for me unless I can tell someone they’re not welcome at my ritual–that’s the essence of PantheaCon for me. Discrimination, and a chicken dinner, and my PantheaCon is complete!” Well, that viewpoint is now pretty much a thing of the past (to an extent), and not because the food at Sprigs is getting less palatable, less various, and more expensive. Ancient Ways has made the new policy at PantheaCon that gender self-identification is all that is necessary to gain admission into gender-specific events. And, rightly so, I think.

Following on from that, Phil Hine also has some thoughts on the whole matter of queer paganism as a verb and a process rather than as a noun–thoughts that are of note, in my opinion, and well worth reading (both in light of the above and just generally speaking).

And now, some less savory, less edifying stories. (Some of the previous, and some of the following, was gleaned from a recent entry from The Wild Hunt.)

So, apparently, gay marriage is a really bad thing, if you’re a has-been actor, a Third Reich throwback, or an Irishman away from home. (But, I know I’m biased on this matter, since I am a total “throwback” person who is not only a big flaming fairy fruit fag fudge-packer, but also a demonic disgusting dirt-worshipping pagan polytheist person…however, I can guarantee I’m a lot more fun at parties, and that even those who are totally opposed to everything about my life have enjoyed meeting and speaking with me, which I don’t think those of other opinions on this matter can say for themselves.) Unfortunately, these various people are forgetting that their religion is not the law of the land, and never ought to be in the U.S., as a Hindu recently pointed out in relation to this issue. As Washington state may be facing a similar ballot issue in November (like Minnesota is, which lead to the Hindu response linked previously), you’ll likely be hearing more on this matter from me in the months to come…

But, no matter how deluded, misguided, or morally bankrupt those various Christian positions are on gay marriage, they’re nowhere near as horrific and execrable as what is being done to emo kids in Iraq, i.e. killing them because they “may” be either demon-worshippers or queer. I have no words on this…other than if your religion suggests that you kill people just because they’re different from you, it doesn’t deserve the name of religion, and any god that may be behind it (and no god is behind any of this, I think, other than cultural-religious supremacy) also doesn’t deserve that name.

Now, on to happier topics! 😉

Edward Butler has some really interesting notes here on the Book of Thoth, about which he’s writing an article–and I can’t wait to see it! Having just tossed myself upon the sea of a text, and found refuge on the shore of reeds, I totally am on-board with the hermeneutic understanding of engaging with a text by writing one’s own text, needless to say.

And speaking of Egyptian things–here’s an interesting modern syncretism for you: Horus and Ma’at–and, no, I’m not talking about the Horus-Ma’at Lodge (though I know some lovely folks who were involved in the founding of that!), I’m talking about Big Bird! The whole of that episode sounds so Antinoan in many respects, particularly the ending with the stars and such…I really hope to see it in the near future!

And, as far as other Egyptian bird-related things go, have a look at this film: Eye of the Bennu–wonderful stuff!

Okay, I think that does it for today…!?!


  1. Just stopping by to say thanks for the mention🙂 – hopefully I will get around to more queer pagan explorations this year.

    • Very cool indeed! I look forward to reading more from you on those matters!

      (In the meantime, if you’d be interested in reviewing the book I’ve just written–especially if you can do so relatively soon–let me know…)

  2. Darling, I do miss these sorts of conversations with you.

    D’you remember when we’d stay up all night long, and you’d be all, like, “Ah yes! For it is written that the queer space fairies of proto-Jewish mysticism will transcend the transmundane; Jesus was a gay werewolf, the Mormon God Mormor will verify the omnipresent other things, as well. “, and I’d be all, like, “Shall we look at Golden Girls? “.

    You’re a hard man to find on the internet.

    Mail me!


    • OhMyFuckingGods! (But not necessarily my “Fucking-Gods,” if you see the distinction…!?!)

      I shall e-mail you presently! (I’m still laughing about “I’m Bea goddamn Arthur”–you know, she’s a Sancta here in the Ekklesía Antínoou!)

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