Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 1, 2012

Why Don’t I Have Antinous’ Balls In My Mouth?

It’s very early on October 1st, folks…

This contest just ended.

Not a single entry.

Come on, readership–I expected better from you!

Well, in any case, no EBC write-up today (or yesterday), as things are way too busy for that. Apparently, the same is true in everyone else’s life, too.


  1. I found the contest rules to be too specific and left it for more talented others.

  2. I’m definitely one of those who have had a hectic few weeks myself (as I’m sure you’ve gathered, as I haven’t been commenting or posting lately and I definitely owe you an email). In my case, though, the main reason I didn’t enter the contest is because I would rather purchase what books of yours I don’t already have (and I do have most of them!) and therefore directly support your work with the dollars I can spare on new books. The second reason is that I’m absolutely terrible at writing contrafacta! But I’m sorry no one else jumped at the chance, because I’m sure they would be very entertaining!

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