Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 3, 2012

Links to Think With…

The new job continues apace (relatively well at this stage!), but it leaves little time for posting. I hope to do something a bit nicer over the next few days, perhaps on Friday or Saturday, but most certainly on Sunday after a Shinto matter…

So, a few brief links of things that I think are worth reading–not much commentary by me in what follows, I’m afraid, due to time constraints, but there we are…

Most of these links are from Sannion, who did a great linking post here recently with some awesome photos!

Pagan Reveries has done a round-up of October poet-heroes, a list which overlaps a great deal with the Ekklesía Antínoou Sancti.

Galina Krasskova has written about the “small gods” of the Romans, including Sterculinus!

Anomalous Thracian has written a basic introduction to the Thracians, which is very useful indeed!

150 years of lesbian photographs!

Sannion on Tranarchy!

And, that’s all for now! 😉


  1. Holy shit! Sterculinus!

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