Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 7, 2012

Penczak, Plants, and Purification…?!?

I have a wide variety of posts I’d like to make at this stage…but, not enough time or energy to do all of them at once. So, I’ll make this one brief, having to do with the weekend’s activities.

After teaching last week, I stayed overnight at my dad’s in Coupeville, then made my way down to Everett, mostly without incident, to see Erynn Rowan Laurie, who will have a new poetry book coming out soon.

On Saturday, we went down to Seattle, saw Michael Sebastian Lvx (and brought him with us for what remained of our Seattle adventures), went to the new(er) Travelers restaurant up on Beacon Hill, and in the meantime I acquired the latest Minerva magazine, which had a short article on an Antinous exhibition occurring now at Hadrian’s Villa in Italy (but it stops in early November…alas!). There were some other interesting articles in the magazine as well, though, so I’d highly recommend taking a look at it!

The main event in Seattle yesterday was a visit by Christopher Penczak, who gave a talk on his new book, The Plant Spirit Familiar. Typically for me, the guided visualization to find a plant spirit familiar didn’t work that well, but I did get results from it–but they were results I had to look up in an Audobon book because my plant-recognition skills are practically nil. (It was either the Cascade Lily, a.k.a. the Washington Lily, or the wavy-leaved soap plant…?!?) There was a get-together afterwards, which I attended and enjoyed, speaking with people both familiar and new.

Then today, there was the Great Fall Ceremony at the Shinto shrine. You may recall last year’s event of this occasion; this year wasn’t quite as spectacularly numinous nature-wise, since we are drastically behind on rainfall this year, and thus the salmon are still hanging out in Puget Sound, not ready to shoot up the rivers yet. But, I haven’t been to a Shinto ceremony at the shrine since the Great Spring Ceremony earlier this year (almost six months ago!), due to various scheduling conflicts and such. I had a dream about Shinto this afternoon after going, though–not surprising, as it often has that effect. (Though the “dream shrine” is often a lot stranger than the real one…and there was some confusion about when different ceremonies throughout the year were held…and, I’m pretty sure there’s no Shinto ceremony in which each participant makes a scrambled egg and seaweed portion for themselves afterward…?!?)

So, that was my weekend of varied spiritual-social contacts. I have to gear up for a full day at college in the morning, so I’d better sign off for now.

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