Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 29, 2012

Sacred Nights of Antinous: Antinous in the Amduat

The talons of Great Horus have hardly grasped him and brought him forth from the waters of the Celestial Nile in the tenth hour…

And yet, even now, he moves rejuvenated in the Amduat, upholding the scales of Ma’at and subduing the enemies of Re in his Barque of Millions of Years…

Hathor, Mistress of the West, rejoices in his new form;

Bes dances with the head and tail of a lion grasped in his hand and emblazoned on his breastplate;

Heryshaf has come forth from his nome to welcome the newly-risen god;

And even from far-off Nubia, Mandoulis flies in and Apedemak comes bearing knives for Maahes, to join the new god in defense of the Two Lands…

Take heed of this well, Thoth, O Scribe of the Gods, and make your entry into the Book of Celestial Life, for Antinous has come forth from the shore of reeds.

Olympus above and Hades below–do not dismiss the son of sweet Persephone, who breathes again in the eternal waters, and digests the semen of the gods, becoming golden.

The Two Lands, and the many shores of the Mediterranean, and the far-off isles, and the lands known and unknown: prepare the way with praises, for the god comes forth upon the morrow’s horizon…

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