Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 31, 2012

Antinous Triumphant; and, Samain

Χάιρε Αντίνοε Αντίνοε Αντίνοε
Χάιρε Αντίνοε Αντίνοε Αντίνοε
Ως αινομεν Αδωνιν
αποφθίμενον Αντίνοον λέγε
συνθρονω των εν Αιγύπτωι
θεων Αντίνοωι
Αδριανη συνοδος νεον θεον Ερμαωνα στησσμεν
αζομενοι τον καλον Αντίνοον
αζομενοι τον καλον Αντίνοον
Χάιρε Αντίνοε Αδριανε ερωτοιν
Αντίνοος ες Νειλον δεσπευσε λεοντεον αιμα καθηραι
γιγνοται τον λοτον Νειλον κοκκον
ω γιγνοται τον λοτον Νειλον
εγκωμιασω αει σε


That was the hymn that I wrote on Sunday, and that I then performed for Antinous as part of my Foundation Day celebrations yesterday. So, probably ’nuff said.


Elseworld, today is the eve of Samain. For the first time in a while, I “dressed up” today (i.e. wore clothes that are all in my wardrobe perfectly normally, just wore them all at once in public) for the college Hallowe’en celebration. While some kids didn’t really know what to do with me, most of the adults loved my “costume” and some even wanted to get photos of me.

There was a swarm of kids here earlier, but we’ve run out of treats, so the lights have been turned off.

Usually, I’d have a Samain all-night vigil with friends, if and when possible, but that couldn’t work out this year. Whether I wanted to or not, I was up almost all night last night, though, even though I tried to sleep…a particular recently dead ancestress to part of my family made her presence known throughout the night, and while I don’t think that’s the only reason I couldn’t sleep, she was part of it.

I’ve been nearly nodding off for a while now, but I think I’m going to try and watch some television here before I go to bed, in order to have at least one scary story tonight–Law & Order: Special Victims Unit is one of the scariest shows on television…not…but anyway…


  1. Your poem looks lovely, but for those of us who don’t read Greek … ?

    • Perhaps later…a great deal of it is constructed from pieces of poems, hymns, and inscriptions from the ancient cultus, glued together or filled in here and there with very imperfect phrases from my own knowledge of Greek.

  2. hahaha….I can read it.

    I love that statue though…looks so art deco.

    • Indeed–while I don’t think it’s quite that new, it is not one of the ancient ones. It might be 18th or 19th century…can’t quite recall at the moment.

  3. […] most unusual, because I was by myself. Here were the details. It was also the day I premiered my “Frankensteinian hymn” to Antinous in Greek (though the version given there has a few mistakes I’ll need to edit at some […]

  4. […] the ritual/devotions proper began later, we continued with the prayer to Polydeukion, and then the “Frankensteinian Antinoan hymn,” and then the Orphic Hymn to Antinous, complete with storax for everyone (!?!), which worked pretty […]

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