Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 5, 2012

Academia Antinoi Term Starts Today: But, It’s Still Not Too Late!

Today, the new term of Academia Antinoi begins; for more information on our programs, click here.

However, I’m very willing to accept late registrations through the end of this week: so, as long as things are up and running for the course you’re choosing by this Saturday, November 10th, I’m very happy for people to sign up “late” for this term.

We are not offering the full range of courses at the moment–only the following five will occur this term:

Antinous and Antinoan Spirituality (101)
Reconstructionism as Methodology
Understanding Syncretism
Lycanthropic Spirituality
Filidecht: An Introduction

So, if you are interested in starting one of these courses, read this page and contact me as soon as you can so we can get this process underway! 🙂


  1. All hail, teacher mine! I’m trying to decide — Antinous 101, or Lycanthropic Spirituality? I’m not up to Reconstructionism as Methodology, the mind isn’t at it’s best these days. I humbly await your reply, Duffi

    • Whichever one you’d prefer is great with me! Let me know what day you’d like to start this week in your next response (whether on comments here or in e-mail), and I’ll get you the syllabus for the course in question forthwith! Thanks so much for doing/having done this! 🙂

  2. OK, my friend. I’ve decided on Lycanthropic Spirituality. (My wolf bounces and grins.) So, I await your instructions! fondly, Duffi

    • Excellent! Sounds great! I will get you your materials tomorrow evening, most likely–I am just about to go and teach my night class (five hours of teaching in one block…eeesh!), so I won’t be able to get to it today. But, no fear–it shall happen soon! 😉

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