Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 6, 2012

Participate in Democracy!

This is the season of Antinous the Liberator, and what better way to celebrate him and all that he brings than to participate in your local democracy as a free being, especially when your actions can lead to greater freedom for some people?

While the presidential election is probably on everyone’s minds right now, something as equally important in many respects is on the minds of many Washington state voters at present: Referendum 74, which will allow the legally-approved measure of the legislature from this past year that will allow same-sex couples to get married (with that language attached to it) to go into effect. The whole thing is there in the first place because of some conservative creedal monotheists who don’t realize that their religious definitions do not end at their church doors; but, the rest of us are wiser than that. It is likely that it will pass, but it won’t be known with any certainty until later today, or possibly tomorrow. Needless to say, the position of myself, the present blog, my religious community, our theological consensus, and the gods we worship are pretty much unanimous in being for such measures, not only in this state but in every state and country around the world…and has been similar since about 124 CE.

So, if you are a U.S. citizen who is eligible to vote, make sure that you do–if you haven’t yet, go to your polling places immediately, or fill in your ballot and get it in the mail.

May the actions of humans in our governments always strive toward doing the justice of the gods!

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