Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 8, 2012

Help Some High School Students…

I saw a petition today on in favor of allowing a high school in Ohio to have a Gay-Straight Alliance. The school’s administration has not only blocked this movement, but has threatened to suspend students who wore homemade t-shirts in support of such a group. Go and sign the petition in support of these students’ cause here. This morning when I signed it, they needed more than 1,000 signatures; now, they need less than 100, but I think “overkill” here would send a stronger message…

Unlike the “It Gets Better” project (and the person who started that project), things like GSAs in high schools (and junior highs/middle schools, if possible!) actually do help young queer people to deal with the difficulties they face on a daily basis. So, I support their existence whenever and wherever possible. My own high school now has one that is thriving, which is wonderful…it would have been nice to have had something like that twenty years ago when I attended.

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