Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 19, 2012

Truly Wonderful Things; and, An Agon!

I had the most wonderful surprise yesterday, and I’ve enjoyed reliving it several times since. Now, I’d like to share it with you.

That is the incomparable Indigo Celeste reciting my poem from the festival of Antinous and Hadrian in Eleusis from this year, “Take Me To The Fire.” The incomparable Indigo has also done some videos of Sannion’s poetry, which he posted on his blog–go and look for those! It is wonderful to hear one’s own words performed in such a fantastic manner…

Which brings me to my next matter. The last time I tried to have an agon (not long before the Eleusis poem above), it was pretty much a complete failure. Let’s not do that sort of total failure again, shall we?

Here’s the contest this time. Make me a video! Use any poem from any of my books or from my blog; perform it in costume or out of costume; do a movie of it with pictures and things, or clips of videos that you find appropriate to it; get your friends to act it out…whatever! And, send them to me via e-mail (aediculaantinoi [at] hotmail [dot] com) by no later than December 17th–the first day of Saturnalia–and I will announce the winner on Sigillaria (December 23rd)…and the winner will receive one copy of all of the books I’ve written thus far in The Red Lotus Library or Bibliotheca Alexandrina! The catch is: there need to be at least three contestants, or else it isn’t really a contest. And, I’ll consider Indigo Celeste’s entry above to be one of the entries…so, surely, two other individuals out there can find a bit of free time between now and mid-December to throw something together, yes? I certainly hope so! The more artistic, creative, entertaining, and wonderful you are, the better your chances!

Go forth and create, dear friends! 🙂


  1. That was inspired!

  2. Well, now that it’s a competition, I may have to do another one. Bring it, darlings!😛

    (as evidenced from the House of Vines, I can’t just stop at one)

  3. Has anyone else piped up? I’ll do one!

    • Awesome!

      No, other than Indigo Celeste, no one else has said they’ll participate yet…

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