Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 23, 2012

Blank Friday

Today, I stood in line for many hours…and yet, I still only got a small bit of sleep in comparison with what I would have thought I’d have had, given the amount of time that I was going to be able to sleep.

After saving up my money for months and months, I looked at all the sales and went, “Yeah, don’t really need to get anything today.”

I may not do Small Business Saturday or Cyber Monday either…because, why? There’s millions of other days during the year to buy stuff–why these days?

If you’re dying to spend money, though, I’ve got a suggestion: for Small Business Saturday and/or Cyber Monday, you can always consider buying books from The Red Lotus Library. It’s a small business, it’s generally available more readily online, and it’s as good a place as any to be spending money these days.

Depending on a few things, I may even offer a 10% discount in the next few days or something…I can’t really afford to let them go for less than that, unfortunately, given my own financial situation at present.

So, whether you are frugal with your buyings, or are abundant in your purchased and potential gift-giving, please consider businesses that you would support spiritually as well, if and when you can…and if they’re selling things that you like and want! 😉

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