Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 24, 2012

Bring Me Back To Life…

No references to old Coast soap commercials, or to Evanescence songs, please…

While I have some future plans for what to post on this blog–particularly on certain dates, holy days, and the like–I’m sort of running out of ideas for what to post on other days. Or, to be more precise, I’m running out of enthusiasm for posting the things I had considered posting, e.g. the various ongoing series that I’d like to complete eventually (HomoBonus, Triads, Eight Things I Love About Other Religions, etc.).

So, what would YOU, the readers, like to see on this blog?

To paraphrase what they used to say in the magazine/newspaper personal ads sections: any reasonable requests fulfilled. 😉


  1. Hmmm, I don’t know. Does that help?
    I suppose that my interests are more antiquarian in nature than those of most people in this shallow age, so:
    Things I like – stuff about Antinous, Hadrian, et al, culture of the Roman Empire, theological dissertations and speculations, actual current rituals and practices (in detail).
    Things I have no particular interest in: discussions or debates on whatever social issues or dramas happen to be currently fashionable.


    • So noted–thank you!

      As you’ll see, since I wrote this particular post, I’ve done a little bit of “what Poppaeus likes” and also a little bit of “what Poppaeus isn’t interested in”–balance in all things? Sort of, maybe…?!? 😉

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