Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 28, 2012

Eclipses and Reflections

I didn’t know this before going to bed last night, but a partial lunar eclipse occurred! Given that such is the case, that sort of explains the rather strange and awful dreams I had last night, and the difficult sleep I had in general…

The latest “Queer I Stand” is also up now (again!), which is on “The Elder in the Mirror.” In it, I discuss the role of leadership and mentorship in my Antinoan path and practices, and the fact that I’ve had to do a great deal of it on my own (with Antinous’ and other gods’ help, certainly!), without the benefit of an established tradition or human elders teaching me.

Feel free to comment, there or here, as you may prefer!


  1. A LOT of folks had weird dreams last night, including me. The moon and eclipse seem to be the culprits.

    • Very interesting…

      I’ve had a great deal of difficulty sleeping generally speaking over the last six months or more when there is a full moon, and the few days before and after…that didn’t usually happen previously, but who knows?

      Also, because this full moon/eclipse was within Gemini, it is supposed to impact Geminis a great deal more, and I think that’s part of it. I wonder if your Dioskouric connections/devotions sort of grandfathered you in to the general area of effect, as it were…?!? (I can’t remember if you were born in Gemini at present…were you?)

      • I’m a Pisces in Western astrology, with my Rising sign in Cancer. In Vedic astrology my Rising sign (which is much more important in Vedic astrology) is in Gemini. My moon is also in Gemini.

        My dream involved me trying to set up a parallel currency with a cluster of businesses around a college campus. I was working hard to try and figure out how to get them to students, make sure it didn’t cause inflation, could be used interchangeably with dollars, that stores would accept it, how it could be exchanged for dollars, etc. I felt like a central banker. Never had that kind of dream before. So, not very spiritual, but certainly intense and strange.

        Those Dioskouroic connections are playing strongly right now, especially after celebrating Pharia last Wednesday. I’ll be walking the labyrinth tonight during the full moon as well, and just finished Lampteria Monday night. I expect wonkiness to continue for some time.

  2. Do you have an entry here on how and when you met Antinous? I remembered reading about him in the big brown two-volume “Western Civilization” that I think was affiliated with World Book Encyclopedia. He had a paragraph and a photo. I was ten maybe, and I remember wondering why a Roman Emperor would have been so affected by the death of this young man.

    • Not exactly, though I’ve discussed it in various ways in several places. (That probably isn’t helpful…!?!)

      Look up “Jonah” in the search function, and there’s an entry that tells a little bit, from what I recall.

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