Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 30, 2012

A Festival for Neith

Today in Neos Alexandria is a festival for Neith, described in the calendar as follows:

According to Herodotos, at Sais the Egyptians held a Festival of Lamps in honor of Neith. They set up lamps in their homes and kept them burning all through the night while they feasted in her honor.

Neith has become a very important goddess for me, and perhaps represents a bit of a trend of various Egyptian goddesses becoming more and more important for me; I wrote a poem for her a few months back, as you may recall. (I am sort of wondering why that is, and why not other possible cultures, etc.?) I suspect part of Neith’s importance, however, comes from the Tetrad and my expanding relationship with them–not so much because she has any major or prominent role in their story at this point (apart from being one of their parents), but just because she’s one of very few long-attested divine beings who has a somewhat closer connection to the area of the gender spectrum that I’m on. Or, something like that.

I’m also somewhat upset because I don’t have a good image of Neith at present for my home shrine. I really prefer not to just use pictures these days, because they’re, well, two-dimensional. If something isn’t (at least!) three-dimensional these days, it doesn’t have as much appeal for me; and even if it is a relief sculpture, that seems an improvement over a flat piece of paper upon which an image is printed or drawn. I’ve noticed that my preferred style of worship is moving more toward the kataphatic than the apophatic these days, which is certainly not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination; but, in scholarship around mysticism (dominated by a certain monotheistic theological viewpoint), and thus in thought around mysticism from a polytheist or pagan perspective, there is a marked and stated preference for, and an assumed superiority of, apophatic mysticism. Personally, I think contemplating an image that is somewhat paradoxical (like the one of Neith above) might actually be more useful in bringing about an altered state than trying to think on imagelessness and so forth. Or, at least I think so, based on my own experience.

If any of you encounter a three-dimensional image of Neith that is tasteful, reflective of her actuality rather than of someone’s baseless fantasies, and is not too expensive, let me know.

In any case, I shall light up the altar for her tonight.

Dua Neith!


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