Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 30, 2012

God(desse)s of the Month: Nemesis

In Neos Alexandria this month, the three Gods of the Month were Goddesses of the Month: Hathor, Nemesis, and the Muses. The first and the last of these got a mention in my poem from a few days ago; but I did not end up working anything in for Nemesis…and, I really should have done so, because both Herodes Attikos and Polydeukion honored her, as an inscription at Rhamnous indicates.

So, in the spirit of “better late than never,” here’s a poem for Nemesis.



The words on public monuments
are for the eyes of mortals and gods,
but do not tell the full story.

Nemesis, seer of the deeds of mankind:
hear these words as I speak them,
for they are written upon my heart.

I have honored you, the goddess
whose wrath every sensible man dreads
and whose name brings fear to rest in the soul;
I have also honored your sister Tyche.
And yet, I seem to have your ire
and no favor from her.

My wife and children, but one, are dead;
my foster-sons are dead.
Though my public works survive,
including my shrine here at Rhamnous for you,
my name is cursed and I am called “tyrant.”

I am more comforted by the eyes
of Polydeukion’s statue here,
where we used to sacrifice to you together,
than I am from any gifts you bestow.

His name is that of your son;
why treat a son as true as he
so poorly despite his virtue?

I speak these words with breath, not stone,
because I know they, nor I, will endure.
How ignorant of justice are teh fates of men,
how vain of divine favor are our trials on the earth.


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    • Please do not reblog anything that I write here without asking permission first.

      • And again I say, apologies — most writers are ok with the reblog, as I’m not promoting it as my own work — and it’s notated as an obvious REBLOG. I wouldn’t promote someone’s work as my own, as I’m already a freelance pagan writer and am quit partial to my own works — no need to plagerize someone elses. Again, most mark posts *Private* if they don’t want them reblogged or shared — my mistake in not looking a little closer. I will remove all of your reblogs immediately, as well as discontinue the follow in order to have no further issues or concerns on either end.

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