Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 9, 2012

Interesting Animals…

Today might be busier than expected; so, instead of something in-depth, here’s a few links that have emerged over the last few days that I think many of you might find interesting.


First, archaeologists have discovered two lion statues at a temple of Soknopaios (Sobek) in Egypt. Awesome!

Next, a fundraising opportunity that I’m hoping to contribute to next week when I get paid again is being put on by a good friend of mine, who was my first-year college roommate at Sarah Lawrence: Christopher Williams, who has been an amazing dancer, choreographer, performing and visual artist ever since I’ve known him. He’s doing a piece together with Gregory Spears and Andrew Jordan (who took all of the photos below, and designed the costumes you see in them!). The piece is called “Wolf-in-Skins,” and incorporates Welsh myths involving werewolves and youthful coming-of-age rituals into a dance opera with music by Spears. It is bound to be amazing, and I truly wish I could get to Philadelphia and/or New York to see it, but the most I’ll be able to do is contribute some money toward it. And so can you! Contribute early and often, if you can! And please spread the word about this project if you think you know people who might be interested–werewolves of the world unite! 😉

wolf in skins 1

wolf-in-skins 2

wolf-in-skins 3

wolf-in-skins 4

wolf-in-skins 5

Doesn’t it look awesome?!? So, go spread the word!


  1. Curious. Lion statues in a Ptolemaic temple of Sobek. And wolf heads that resemble my statue of Wepwawet. Wepwawet shares my Egyptian corner with Sekhmet, Sobek, and Cleopatra VII.

  2. Exciting news. Thanks for sharing this.


  3. […] the first year of college at Sarah Lawrence: Christopher Williams, who I have talked about before here. On the first day he was there–and, in fact, within the first few hours–we ended up in […]

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