Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 19, 2012

I’m still here, and so is Saturnalia…

First, day three of the Saturnalia song…

Saturnalia Song, Day Three

I’ll sing you this day–
Ave Antinoe!

What sing you this day?
Ave Ave Antinoe
Haec est unde vita venit!

I’ll sing this third day–
Ave Antinoe!

What’s sung this third day?
Ave Ops Mater Abundantia
Ave Epona, Mater Equorum
Ave Saturne, Rex Sacrorum
Ave Ave Antinoe
Haec est unde vita venit!


And now, details of my failures…

It’s said that Saturnalia is a festival of reversals. I’m usually brimming with lines of poetry, and always just on the edge of suggesting a big musical number. However, for various reasons, yesterday just didn’t have either of those things in the cards, unfortunately. I was bogged down with little annoying things to do, and when I had a free moment and found myself with a lot of free time in a coffee shop on the road, I sat down with my iced chai and an open notebook, and prepared to write something for Epona that was as good as, if not better, than the song I wrote the day before for Saturn.

I got a title (the rather uncreative “Eponalia”), and underlined it. And, that was it.

Later in the day, when I had some further free time, I tried again, to no avail.

I’m trying not to use the matter of “it’s a festival of reversal” as an excuse, because despite it being a valid one, I don’t think it’s a good one.

And, with Opalia today and the honoring of Ops, I’m having no better luck than I did with Epona. Drat.

Knowing me, as soon as the actual holidays are over, I’ll be overflowing with inspiration for them both, so perhaps they’ll get their due in a week or so. Let’s hope that will be the case…

And, in the meantime, here’s something for the video game fan, but also for those who want to honor Epona in other ways. More people know the name Epona in connection with the Zelda video games than they do as a legitimate Gaulish goddess, unfortunately; but, that having been said, the following video is still wonderful for all sorts of reasons, and the moving Epona at about 6:50 in it is pretty phenomenally awesome, I think!

So, while we wait for inspiration, play video games, I guess…?!?

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