Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 21, 2012

Guardian of the Road: Now Available!


I’m very happy to announce that the latest publication from Bibliotheca Alexandrina–the publishing arm of the Neos Alexandria group–is now out and available: Guardian of the Road: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Hermes! I’ve got six poems in it (“Dionysos and Hermes,” “Hermekate’s Moment,” “Hermes Propylaios,” “Maia,” “The Account of Hermaphroditos,” “Antinous Neos Hermes”) and one essay (“Neos Hermes, The Great Translator: Hermes, Antinous, and Syncretism”), but there’s tons more in there to be excited about as well!

You can view the full table of contents here, and you can purchase it here.

Very exciting stuff!

This comes at an opportune time: not only did I receive a statue of Hermes in the mail the other day (which used to be mine, but which I entrusted to the care of Sannion when he first went to Eugene, and which he now returned), but Hermes has been attempting to “steal” further devotions in some of my Antinoan devotional works…which, I suppose, is entirely apt, since it’s not even really “borrowing” between those two…!?!

Khaire Hermes! Khaire Antinoe!


  1. oh great, because my shelves don’t already have enough weight on them.😉

    • Sorry. I’ll stop writing things forever now just to save your shelves. 😉

      • Fhew.
        Though in the meantime, is there any chance you will be able to sell some of those at Pcon?

      • Remind me in mid-January, and I’ll order a copy that I will bring especially for you and no one else! 😉

  2. I purchased this yesterday on my kindle and finished today. Of what I had read in there your “Hermekate’s Moment” grabbed me in particular, because I pour libations to both Hekate and Hermes in the morning. (Or what passes for morning in my mind, I am ashamed to say.) I’m wondering, who exactly is Hermekate? A momentary combination of both He and She or a permanent syncretism? I have several questions.

    • The best answer I can offer you is: yes. 😉

      The form “Hermekate” occurs in one of the PGM spells, after invoking both Hermes and Hekate separately; it may be a spell-specific temporary syncretism between them.

      On the other hand, there’s no reason it might be a more long-standing syncretism, if people started doing cultus to it.

      The poem itself is kind of agnostic on the matter: it was a moment, and one that can have longer-term potential effects, but it doesn’t have to…that moment can be recalled, or even re-enacted in certain devotional or magical contexts, possibly.

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