Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 23, 2012

Sigillaria is here at last!

So, sing with me now one more time!

Saturnalia Song, Day Seven

I’ll sing you this day–
Ave Antinoe!

What sing you this day?
Ave Ave Antinoe
Haec est unde vita venit!

I’ll sing this seventh day–
Ave Antinoe!

What’s sung this seventh day?
Felix Sigillaria Dies Praemiorum
Ave Lares Permarini
Ave Angerona Dea Silentia
Ave Hercules Victor Deorum
Ave Ops Mater Abundantia
Ave Epona, Mater Equorum
Ave Saturne, Rex Sacrorum
Ave Ave Antinoe
Haec est unde vita venit!

One more time!

Ave Ave Antinoe
Haec est unde vita venit!


I used to be one, when I was a kid and was in a family that ostensibly practiced another religion, to sit up until midnight (when I could) and then sort of ring in the gift-receiving day just after midnight. When I spent my first such holiday away from my family the year I was in Oxford, I returned from the midnight service I had attended, and then opened my presents when I got home–there was no one to wait for to do it with in the morning, so why not?

While Sigillaria last year at my dad’s house was a lot of fun, it just happened this year that everyone’s schedules worked out such that most of the Seattle-area Mystai of Antinous, and one out-of-towner who happens to be here, will be getting together later this evening for fun, feasting, and festivities. Honestly, I’m looking forward to the ritual and singing much more than anything else about the holiday–I honestly don’t care if I get any sigillae at all, but I’ll be giving some to others very happily!

And, not only will I get to set up the Saturnalia wreath at the place where all this festivity is taking place in Seattle, but we’ll also be doing some version of the “Solstice Mumming” as well, complete with werewolves! Hurrah! 🙂

Now, I must try and sleep a little bit before I have to get up in the morning, pack for all of this, and travel down to Seattle via a relay race of rides. I hope everyone’s Saturnalia has been excellent, and that your Sigillaria brings a fun and peaceful end to the celebrations in the company of friends, family, and our many gods!

Ave Saturne, Rex Sacrorum
Ave Ave Antinoe
Haec est unde vita venit!


  1. Just wanted to say that that is a gorgeous wreath and I have really enjoyed these count down posts. Happy holidays to you and yours!🙂

    • Thank you!

      You would have had a bit of a laugh, I think, at our celebration on Sunday night–I know you were sick (and far away!), but I wish you could have joined us all the same.

      Perhaps next year? 😉

      And Felix Dies Natalis Solis Invicti and various other holidays to you and yours yourself as well!

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