Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 25, 2012

The Birth of Sol Invictus


Gaudete, gaudete Invictus natus
nobis matre ex Nocte, gaudete!

Sol et Luna praesident
super firmamento
Duo nunquam resident
manent permanento

Gaudete, gaudete Invictus natus
nobis matre ex Nocte, gaudete!

Deus Sol Invictus est
Imperator caeli
Sustentatus terrae est
similiter Nili

Gaudete, gaudete Invictus natus
nobis matre ex Nocte, gaudete!

Lux fietur caritas
Lux caelorum Solis
Te agemus gratias
multis benedictis

Gaudete, gaudete Invictus natus
nobis matre ex Nocte, gaudete!


I also have a new song for this occasion, given in Latin and English–you’ll be able to figure out the tune quite easily!–though I would caution that the English is not a direct translation of the Latin in several places, it was instead “adapted” to be roughly the same but giving better sense for English, etc. So, with that in mind…

O Sacra Nox

O Sacra Nox
cum umbris abundarens
in hac nocte
Natalis Solis est
Audite laudes
nunc deorum sonarens
trans vultum
Telluris Matris potest

O Invicte
a quo frigus fugitus
O Sol care
Rex Universi est:
splende lucem
audi terram gaudentem
O Lux divine
O Lux natus Nocte
O Sol divine
O Sol, Nox–Gaudete!

O Holy Nyx
with shadows all abounding–
this is the night
of Sol Invictus’ birth;
Glorious praise
of gods so sweetly sounding
can now be heard
across the face of Mother Earth.

O Invictus
who scatters cold and sadness
O Sun so dear
the King of All That Is:
shine forth your light
and hear the earth rejoicing
O Light divine
O Light born from Nyx
O Sun divine
O Sol, O Nyx–Rejoice!


And, one more contrafactum for the day, that I owe to Epona…I was right: it struck in a moment of inspiration after I wrote the above, and I pretty much got three initial words, and was off and done with the four verses before I knew what happened!


Good Queen Epona looked out
on the Alpine Mountains
when the cold had frozen stout
Tiber’s holy fountain;
Brightly shone sweet Luna’s face
though the night was cloudy
and the Legions left their trace
on the Gauls so rowdy.

“Thither lies the city Rome,”
Rosmerta commented,
“Julius Caesar’s goodly home
Romulus cemented;
They’ve a god of infantry,
Mars, a god and soldier,
but in their great cavalry
there’s no god much bolder.”

“Dear Rosmerta, say no more,
conquered though we have been;
there’s a plan I have in store
for these rabid Romans!
They will sing me all their praise
for the gift of horses
in December’s darkening days
through the centuries’ courses!”

So Epona’s feast they made
in December’s darkness
and on horses they displayed–
despite weather’s starkenss–
for Epona’s glorious feast
games and mirth and laughter;
wild and tame goddess of beasts
praised forever after!


I’ll have more later today, possibly, on a variety of subjects. Until then, I hope your holiday tide, whether it is dedicated to Freyr or to Sol Invictus/Helios or Jesus or to some other deity, is a good one!


  1. […] past, nonetheless I did write a new song for Saturn and Saturnalia generally, as well as one for Sol Invictus and for Epona. (And as those three were the Gods of the Month this month in Neos Alexandria, that was good, too!) […]

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