Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 2, 2013

School’s In Again…Soon…

I’m getting ready for the quarter at my college, which starts next week. So, not a lot of time to blog today…

But, the most recent term of Academia Antinoi just ended as well; and, another can begin again the week after next.

I wasn’t sure if I’d do another term in the first few months of this year, since I’ve got a lot of other stuff going on. However, I also am in very bad need of money at present, since I won’t get a paycheck for my first few weeks of work this quarter until the very end of January, and other bills are due in the meantime. So, it’s more desperation than ability which causes me to make this offer.

So, starting January 14th, the following courses will be offered through Academia Antinoi for an eight-week term:

Antinous and Antinoan Spirituality (101) A basic introduction to the history and modern cultus of Antinous, including his visual representations, surviving ancient texts (with a special focus on the Obelisk of Antinous), syncretism, the other deities and divine figures associated with him, and several other topics.

Understanding Syncretism Examining the role of syncretism in ancient and modern practices, in particular cultural manifestations, and in the phenomenology of several super-syncretistic deity cultus.

Reconstructionism as Methodology Understanding the distinction between “reconstructionism” as a religion or religious practice and “reconstructionism” as a methodology which can be applied and employed in particular religious and spiritual contexts, including examples from several modern reconstructionist paths and practices, and the methodology as applied to recovered premodern rituals, myths, prayers, and spells.

Lycanthropic Spirituality Lycanthropy (human-wolf transformation/identification) and cynanthropy (human-dog transformation/identification) has played a major role in many human societies throughout history. Learn the basic outlines of this social and ritual phenomenon, as well as its particular manifestations in several ancient and medieval European contexts, and the practical dimensions of it for modern spiritual engagements, including holidays, associated deities, and other practices.

Filidecht: An Introduction Filidecht is the practice of the fili, the ancient and medieval Irish “poet” (note, NOT “bard”!), understood both in terms of social role and divinely-derived spiritual practice. Understand the nature of the sources on this subject, as well as extended work with the “Three Things Required of a Poet,” and other important topics.


While the courses won’t start until January 14th, that doesn’t mean you should wait until the last minute to sign up for one! So, if you can, do so between now and the 14th, if at all possible…

For further info, see the Academia Antinoi page, and get in touch with me!


  1. I find myself in a quandary – I am quite interested in the Reconstructionism as Methodology course, but due to my own semester starting up and the bulk of our academic tournament season, I would not have the time to devote to it until mid-February at the earliest, fully halfway through the eight-week term. When would the next term most likely begin?

    • Well, there were no definite plans to have certain set terms this year at all…but, given your own time constraints, we could certainly start a term for you after mid-February (and, as I’ll be getting back from PantheaCon then, that would work out well in many ways).

      The main reason I wanted to advertise for a term that starts sooner is, quite plainly, money issues. But, you don’t have to worry about paying until February at the earliest, if you’d like to do the Recon course.

      In any case, we can speak further about it in e-mail, if you like, at your leisure.

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