Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 4, 2013



I believe the moral of the story goes something like this:

Sometimes, Cthulhu eats you.

Sometimes, it only looks like Cthulhu is eating you, and in actuality, you’ve cut off enough of his tentacled maw to make a good living in the eldritch calamari business for a few months.

Unfortunately, I suspect I’m closer to the former than the latter at present.

I’m still behind on some “work-work” that I had hoped to get done yesterday or today, and probably won’t finish until tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m trying to be productive in other areas, with varying success. But nonetheless, there we are…

If you’re inundated with tentacle bits, I suppose the best advice I can give is: keep walking, and hope those awesome leggings don’t give out on the way…


  1. It’s a cabbage-patch kid! Don’t get trampled by the crazed people from the 80s!!!

    • Or, a kind of reverse one…since they seem to sprout head-first from a leafy plant on the ground, this is more like a big pile of vegetables decided, Monty Python-like, to get up and move somewhere else…Or something…?!? 😉

      • Now I’m hearing Eric Idle’s falsetto saying “I’m going over ‘ere now!”

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