Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 24, 2013

Ave Dive Hadriane Auguste!


Hail to the Distinguished Noble Augustus!
Hail to the flower of Iberia, the most favored son of Hispania!
Hail to the fosterling of Hercules Gaditanus!
Hail to the son of Trajan Augustus Dacicus!
Hail to the husband of Diva Sabina!
Hail to the Protector of Britannia!
Hail to the Far-Traveler!
Hail to the New Dionysos!
Hail to the New Asklepios!
Hail to Zeus Olympeios upon the earth!
Hail to Divus Aelius Hadrianus Augustus!


And, if I had to choose a song that felt festive and regal enough for a day such as today, the dies natalis of Divus Hadrianus Augustus, no question it would have to be this…

So, how did you observe the dies natalis of Hadrian today? I’d love to know! 🙂


  1. In honor of our Divine Adrianus I opened a beautiful bottle of Italian wine to toast his day and lit candles in front of his portrait which I put near my bust of Antinous so they could share the warmth.. Salve Hadriane!

  2. My husband was very pleased to learn that the Emperor and he share the same birthday.


    • Very auspicious! Please wish your husband late felicitations on my behalf!

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