Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 25, 2013

The latest “Queer I Stand”: Creedalism and Paganism

Gosh, was it two weeks ago that I was last called a Nazi fundamentalist for writing something? Yes, it was!

Well, here we go again…

But seriously, now: the latest “Queer I Stand” column is up at’s Pagan channel, and its title is “Belief, Trust, and Faith without Creedalism for Modern Pagans.” It’s pretty much exactly what that sounds like–offering a better definition for some of these terms that is more appropriate to modern (and ancient!) pagan and polytheist practices that is experiential in nature rather than creedal…and, it’s a definition that I didn’t develop on my own, but instead heard from three different Christians, or quasi-Christians in one case (you know, those people who are supposed to be creedal rather than experiential in their religious basis?). Thus far, the responses have been positive, but we’ll see if that continues to be the case.

For those who are familiar with my work, this discussion will also be familiar–I know I’ve had it here on my blog at some point, and it will be a part of a future book I’ve been putting together for the last four years, too, on an experiential praxis theology for modern pagans…

If you’d like to read the post, here’s the link, and feel free to comment there or here as you may prefer.

And, an excerpt of it made it on the latest “Pagan Voices” post on The Wild Hunt, which you can see here, too.


  1. Very eloquent as usual.

    I find I have to think about this just a little bit. In my country the word ‘believe’ is used in such a odd way. When asked if you are religious, people just ask “Do you believe?” without specifying in what. At the same time they keep saying atheists also believe in something. The word seems more devoid or full of meaning that Paganism.

    • Thank you!

      Yes, I suspect a great many people within dominant creedal religious contexts don’t even realize how based in their own viewpoint their entire picture of religiosity is. I would agree that atheists do believe in something, i.e. that there aren’t any gods and can’t possibly be any, and that anything not proven by science doesn’t exist. (I never saw any atheists saying “There is no Higgs boson” before it was officially discovered as opposed to just theorized…!)

      I always contrast the creedal religions’ reactions to other religions, or their inquiries toward them (i.e. “What do you believe?”) to those of experiential and practical religions–i.e. a Hindu might say to a Pagan, “So, what do you do?” The concern isn’t with who or what the other “believes in,” but instead what is done and how one does it…which, in a Hindu-Pagan situation, often ends up with the Hindu saying “So, you’re a Hindu?” But, not always…

  2. P.S. For a moment I thought your were called a nazi fundamentalist yet again! But it seems you have been spared that at least until now. I suspect this essay may beyond those who make such remarks, though that hasn’t stopped that before of course.

    • As a great sage once said: haters gonna hate. 😉

      While I am offended by those who called me a Nazi fundamentalist, I am sort of making extra sport of it to take the sting off–and, to demonstrate how foolish those who suggested such are. Anyone who knows me, who has read my work, or who has had any extended contact with me knows that I’m not either of those things even remotely…Yes, I am a stickler for distinguishing what is proven fact from what is conjecture as far as certain historical matters are concerned (and for stating when I’m going with conjecture rather than certainty); and, ultimately, I am of the positions and opinions that I hold because I find them “more right” for myself than the many other options out there, and if I found options that were better, I’d adopt them, but I’m also not interested in policing others over their choices on the same issues, which I think is the big thing that distinguishes a fundamentalist from a non-fundie.

      The Nazis would have had me on the trains at the first opportunity, if indeed they let me live that long…as a person with Jewish ancestry, and being disabled, and being an intellectual of a certain variety, they’d have had my arse in a bloody heap in no time. So, those comparisons and accusations against me are particularly inaccurate and distasteful…but, as I said, haters gonna hate.

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