Posted by: aediculaantinoi | February 1, 2013

Events at PantheaCon

As I said in a post in December, the schedule for PantheaCon 2013 has been published: you can see it here. There are currently four events that I’m involved with on Friday and Saturday; and, by popular demand, we’ll be doing one Inundation ritual at 9 AM on Monday morning only. The first of those events is as follows:

Friday, 3:30 PM, Boardroom: Pagan Intrafaith, Pagan Channel Bloggers

Paganism is so diverse that it may be better to consider it an umbrella for a variety of religious traditions rather than a religion in itself. In this panel, Pagan Channel bloggers will discuss the need for intrafaith work within the Pagan movement. Can we use models of interfaith work to support collaboration, deeper understanding, and better communication in our own communities?

Of course, what really is or is not pagan has been a hot-button issue recently, and so it will be interesting to explore this a bit in person. As far as I’m aware, the presenters on that panel and the moderator will be Christine Hoff Kraemer, Jason Mankey, Crystal Blanton, myself, and possibly one other person…

With the info on my other events given in the schedule as will follow below, I wanted to flesh it out a bit and indicate what the possible “most likely audience” would be for each of the rituals I’m leading will be. So, info first, followed by the “target audience” for each as they go.

Friday, 11:00 PM, Oak, Lupercalia, Ekklesía Antínoou

Mars and Venus, Ianus and Quirinus, Faunus, Silvanus, and Antinous Lupercus…Come and celebrate the Ekklesia Antinoou’s version of the ancient Roman Lupercalia ritual, for purification, protection, and blessing–what a great way to start your PantheaCon! An observance of the Parentalia, the festival honoring the ancestors, will be included along with the usual EA ritual format. All are welcome!

Lupercalia will interest:
–those interested in Ekklesía Antínoou generally, and in Ekklesía Antínoou practices
–those who are interested in werewolves
–those interested in neo-Roman rituals
–those who want blessings of purification and fertility.

Saturday, 7:00 PM, Silicon Valley: Trans Deities for All–Meeting the Tetrad, Ekklesía Antínoou

This ritual/workshop will begin by the group helping to invoke the Tetrad–Panpsyche, Panhyle, Paneros, and Pancrates–four new deities who are transgender and gender-variant, along with honoring their seventy-eight (!) parents and grandparents. The Tetrad’s myth will be told in brief, and then the group will explore their own relations to soul, body, love, and power when it comes to their own gender identities. This ritual is open to everyone, of all genders and sexual orientations, as well as all ages–EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

Trans Deities for All: Meeting the Tetrad will interest:
–those interested in trans issues, whether trans or not
–those interested in new deities
–those interested in process theology
–those who would like to explore their own relations to body, soul, love, and power.

Saturday, 11:00 PM, San Jose/Santa Clara: Antinoan Dream Incubation Ritual, Ekklesía Antínoou

“…He heals the diseases of the needy ones by sending a dream.” (Obelisk of Antinous, North Face) Come join us as we honor Antinous as a moon-god and as a god who visits our dreams. We will be doing some chanting and other practices in order to invite Antinous into our dreams after the ritual ends, and for a restful and peaceful night’s sleep even if we do not dream. Wear night/sleep clothes if you like, as long as they’re PG-13! Doors will close shortly after the ritual starts. All are welcome!

Antinoan Dream Incubation Ritual will interest:
–those who are especially devoted to Antinous
–those looking for a “direct experience” and/or how to help create one
–those who are interested in dreams, dreaming, and dream incubation
–those who like more active and interactive ritual and magic.

And then, of course, Inundation is also for anyone/everyone, though to get the most out of the experience, getting in the water and doing the exercises beforehand will be a necessity. Accommodations can be made for the disabled at Inundation to the best of our ability, but be prepared to come and state what you’d need to be able to participate if you do require accommodation–not unlike Antinous, I can’t read minds. 😉

So, if you have any further questions about any of this, please let me know! I still have a great deal of preparation to do for this, but I’ve got most of it figured out at this stage. I can’t believe it’s only two weeks away (less than that now, technically!), and it will go by very quickly…


  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh I really wish I could make it T.T

    • I wish you could, too…Well, maybe next year?!? 😉

      And, as I said elsewhere, I’d like to e-mail you and speak a bit further as well, when you have a few moments, in the not-too-distant future.

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