Posted by: aediculaantinoi | February 5, 2013

In the “Oh, duh” department…

Not much time, and not a whole lot to report today…But, I wanted to at least get the word out on the following, despite the obviousness of it.

An article on why extreme Islamic groups and individuals are intent on destroying non-Muslim (and even some Muslim) sites and artifacts. I can’t agree with some of the statements given in the article (i.e. the iconoclastic tendencies being present in all religions), but there’s some important bits at the very end that deserve attention:

“The Taliban have an attitude that almost shades into idolatry itself. They are saying they know what the truth is, that they have a monopoly on the truth and that they can therefore almost take the place of God in judging who is right and who is wrong.”

Too true, too true…

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