Posted by: aediculaantinoi | February 10, 2013

New “Queer I Stand”: Seeing the Forest for the…Ents?!?

My latest column for “Queer I Stand” at’s Pagan channel has just gone up: “Seeing the Forest for the…Ents?!?” No, it isn’t about Tolkien, but it does clarify something from two columns back, which I took a bit of heat for, in terms of what “nature worship” actually means, and how most modern pagans aren’t doing “nature worship” as such, because there is *something* behind it other than what science tells us is in nature.

Go and have a look there, and feel free to comment, or comment here as you feel moved to do so.


  1. You know, one of the reasons I hardly comment is because I feel like it’s pointless to just say “…yeah man, totally, right on…” but I feel like I have to say something like that now (though more eloquently, I hope). I’ve always hated when definitions include “nature worship” to define Polytheism/Paganism and all else they encompass. I mean I like taking my clothes off and dancing in the rain ritualistically as much as anyone, but it’s not going to plug up the hole in the ozone layer and make everyone drive a Prius. I feel it’s important to have a reverence and a respect for the planet we live on that provides humanity with virtually everything we need for survival and even materialistic comfort, but the grass isn’t going to get pissed off if your dog pees on it. However, if I ever met Treebeard on a hike I’d probably pee myself with excitement (so much for eloquence, but you understand what I mean). I personally believe “nature worship” is a term monotheists who were too scared to do their research for fear of the Wrath of God use with condescension to make Paganism seem silly or illegitimate. But then again, what do women know about these things (not bitter). Oh, I’m also happy to see you haven’t referred to yourself as a Nazi in this entry😉

    • I do appreciate any and all comments, so feel free to do so as often as you like! 🙂

      Indeed, and alas, even the very largest members of our related communities (and “largest” as in size) dancing naked in the rain won’t plug up the hole in the ozone…but, it’s still fun, so there we are.

      I think you’re right about the “nature worship” term, though, being something monotheists have helped to perpetuate, and pagans have picked up on and internalized themselves, to accord with things like what Saul of Tarsus (a.k.a. Paul) says in Romans 1 about pagans mistaking the creation for the Creator, etc. It’s how some Muslims prefer to characterize pagans without calling them polytheist infidels who deserve death, etc. It does perpetuate the notion in their minds that pagans “have it wrong” and are stupid and faithless and godless, when we’re anything but (I’m much more “god-ful” than every monotheist there is!).

      As for the Nazi matter: as I’ve moved the direction of this conversation away from those specific subjects where I have been called a Nazi, I figured it was no longer relevant here. So, there we are! It’s like the time that someone, a few years ago, tried to shame me by calling me a “flamboyant homosexual,” as if that undermined my argument; I replied with “Yes, I’m a big flaming fairy fruit fudgepacking fag–and?” He didn’t have much to say after that. 😉

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