Posted by: aediculaantinoi | February 22, 2013

PantheaCon 2013: First Things First…

I am not entirely certain how I’ll structure and organize my upcoming posts on PantheaCon 2013; but, while I think more about that, and begin to chip away at this endeavor over the next few days, I can meanwhile make several general remarks on the event, further from those which I began here yesterday.

But, as with so many things having to do with religion and spirituality for me personally, I think the best place to start is by giving thanks, not only to the gods without whom none of this work would be possible (at least for me), but to many of the humans who made it successful, easy, fun, and fulfilling as well. I may not, in some cases, be able to name the individuals by their legal names, but I’d like to at least send some acknowledgement their way for all they’ve done.

I would not have been able to attend PantheaCon without the help of Lazarus/Sr. Krissy Fiction, whose generosity allowed me to have accommodation during the conference itself. For his efforts in this regard, he is now an Aedificator of the Ekklesía Antínoou (in addition to being a Lupercus since 2007 and also a Mystes of Antinous since 2011), and should be considered to have all the rights and privileges of that position in all future dealings!

Also, many of you have seen my references here to my “Thracian colleague” quite a bit over the last year. My Thracian colleague is Anomalous Thracian (who was just on Wyrd Ways Radio with Galina Krasskova earlier this week!), and once again he was my host on the days before and after PantheaCon, the person who picked me up from and took me back to the airport at the beginnings and ends of my visit, and–as of Tuesday night, the 19th of February–an official tribal ally of the Ekklesía Antínoou through the Communalia ritual. Thus, we now accord House Thyrsatrae as an organization whose goals are ones that we share and support, and whose upholding we will likewise strive for through any difficulties there may be in the future. With Thracians on our side, how can anyone ever oppose us? 😉 (I kid, I kid, I kid…!) The ritual itself, conducted within the Temple of Nyx, was quite amazing, and in addition to sharing our vows, we also exchanged pieces of cloth which we sewed together (and this was no small feat, literally!), had a feast, and I left him one of the icons of Antinous I have had for the past few years, which has twice been the center-piece of my Saturnalia wreath, and that otherwise has been the icon of Antinous that I perhaps have looked at directly the most often over that time period. That picture of Antinous is now in the Thracian deities’ shrine within the Temple of Nyx, and it is as if he always belonged there–which he did! (The Bithynians are Thracians, after all…even though Antinous was ethnically Greek/Arcadian…but anyway…!?!)

I also must thank my hosts for one other night during this trip, Foodfaerie and J., who are wonderful people and who assisted me in the Tetrad ritual–or, more properly, they embodied two of the members of the Tetrad, and I assisted them in being introduced to the attendees of that ritual. That was a life-changing experience for nearly everyone there, I think, and I feel immensely humbled and privileged to have been a part of it. More on that eventually…

I also want to thank all of the past Luperci and Mystai who were at our various rituals, and particularly the Lupercalia ritual. We initiated three new Luperci this year: Duffi (an Academia Antinoi student) was Luperca Prima, Jay (a Mystes of Antinous) was Lupercus Secundus, and Lee Harrington (a phenomenally awesome individual–though all of them are that as well!) was Lupercus Tertius. This is the first time we did Lupercalia at PantheaCon without Communalia, and I think that it worked better this way, not only because the latter is a more private and intimate ritual, but because then the fun and frolic of Lupercalia continues in various ways…and it certainly did this year in ways I never would have thought! More on that later, too…

This has been one of the best, if not the best, PantheaCon I have yet attended; and yet, also, the re-entry back into everyday life after it has also been one of the most difficult ones to manage for all sorts of reasons as well. Recharging one’s spiritual batteries is a good thing whenever it can be done; but, daily life with all of its troubles and trials is also something that must be engaged with and entered into, even if one does so with awkwardness or reluctance, as I did to some extent on this occasion. It’s absolutely no contest between hanging out with wonderful people, artists, spirit workers, ritualists, and seekers and the gods that we experience on a palpable and frequent basis and dealing with department heads, indifferent medical functionaries, and (some) students who are more concerned with making excuses than with fulfilling their roles as learners…but, having contact with the former aids in making contact with the latter more peaceful and possible, in my opinion, and in this case, it all worked out well. And, next week will be better, of that I have no doubt…

Last, but not least, for the moment: I must thank my gods for all they have done for me, for all of the wonderful ways in which they appeared to me and to others during this past week, and for all of the ways in which they have made my life better over the years we’ve been involved. In particular, I want to thank Antinous, first and last; but also Divus Hadrianus, Polydeukion, the Tetrad (and especially Paneros), Eris, Cybele, and Freyr–and, I’ll have more to say on all of them as the posts on PantheaCon 2013 proliferate further!

Looking forward to giving more of this narrative in the near future!


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