Posted by: aediculaantinoi | February 26, 2013

A holdover…

Things are ridiculously busy…I have some deadlines coming up this week and weekend, and likely won’t make them; and some larger devotional projects that are far more important to do, but which I may not be able to touch until Saturday…more on those later, and on PantheaCon, with any luck, over the next few days. But meanwhile, day-job and other things need to be done…

I have some smaller topics I’d like to post about (you know, ones that only take 2000 words to begin discussing rather than 4000!), but I don’t even have time to do those quite yet, so I’ll leave you with the following:

While the whole article is good, the piece “Know Your Theological Boundaries” by John Beckett over at is especially noteworthy for this fabulous line:

The difference in an atheist and a monotheist is that the monotheist disbelieves in a million gods and the atheist disbelieves in a million and one – be aware of your cultural assumptions.


So, with any luck, more later; but, probably not until tomorrow…


  1. Thanks for the quote. While that exact wording is mine, I’ve heard atheists express variations on the “one less god than you” argument many times.

    • I am trying now to recall if I have heard them say things like that before…

      Nonetheless, the whole article is great, and as I said, that line in particular is excellent! Well done!

  2. Excellent article. And this right on the heels of an article that absolutely baffled me to no end:

    … I’ve got nothing.

    • While I see what he’s doing there, I’m also a little bit confused as well…

      It’s very hard to resent Rhett–that’s like resenting a Muppet, really–but at the same time, I’m getting conflicting messages from that post. Is he basically saying “Don’t ever critique my views, but allow me to freely critique yours and have unfettered access to your rituals, even though I have no respect for the deities involved”? While I know that’s not quite what he means, that is what it sounds like…which is worrying, certainly. Hmm.

      • That’s the way I’m reading it too. I have no personal dislike toward Rhett, the few times I’ve met him have been fabulous, but the whole atheist [insert religion here] thing is mind boggling and, well, intellectually insincere.

      • I wrote him a (rather long–but, remember, this is me!) comment on that post, which I hope was respectful, but also genuinely concerned and reflective of my viewpoint.

        I suppose I just don’t quite get why it is “all right” to be an atheist and a pagan, and atheist pagans see it as their (non-) gods-given right to be so, but it isn’t something that would be even remotely think-able in most other religions. Someone who was an admitted atheist wouldn’t be able to wear a rosary and a big crucifix, go to mass and take communion, pray just as fervently as everyone else in the church, and yet still be able to declare their atheism publicly. The same would be true of Islam. Judaism, of course, has certain exceptions in this regard (e.g. the reconstructionist possibility of being an atheist but also practicing, etc.), but still, they’re more exceptions than rules, for the most part. While the near-universal tolerance of paganism in this regard might be seen as praiseworthy, I still am not sure it is necessarily a positive thing for paganism on-the-whole. The whole Thelemic thing of “do what thou wilt,” etc., seems a lot more appropriate for this type of viewpoint; but, I don’t know very many outright atheist Thelemics either, to my knowledge (though I’m sure there are some).

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