Posted by: aediculaantinoi | February 26, 2013

Other Dispatches from the Front…

And the winner of the “Best Hat” award for 2013 goes to…!

Tony Mierzwicki has done a very thorough post on his PantheaCon experience, which you should go read–and not just because one of my events (the Antinoan Dream Incubation Ritual) is mentioned (since he attended it), and you can see my ridiculous be-hatted head in the above photo, as well as an additional one where I was the archetypal “Lady With The Hat Down In Front–HEY!!!” at his Mithras presentation.

I will be writing about some of the events that he described in the final installment on PantheaCon 2013, which I have yet to write, and which may have to wait until this weekend to come to pass…and likely not until Sunday, since Saturday is for the Tetrad. But, one of the best reasons to, in the meantime, go and read Tony’s blog entry is because it is full of wonderful photos of loads of interesting and lovely people–something that he and his wife Jo-Ann are always very meticulous about doing when they meet and see people at events like this! Are the Mierzwickis the Pagan Papparazzi, then? Who knows…! 😉


  1. Link’s not working, Lupus.

    Down the the Crud from Wherever. Email response to your kindness soon.,

    • Oops! I fixed it; though, the second link still should have worked…in any case, both work now!

      I’m sorry to hear you are ill–thus far, I’ve avoided post-con’ illness, but am still very tired and behind on work. Take it easy, and I hope to hear from you whenever you start feeling better!

  2. Thanks for promoting my blog. It was great catching up with you and I thoroughly enjoyed your Antinoan Dream Incubation Ritual.

  3. I like fezzes. Fezzes are cool.

    • Glad you approve! 😉

      Have we met, perhaps?

      • Of course! DOB 2/8/75

      • Oh, for crying out loud…!?!

        I didn’t see your e-mail address on the earlier comment. (I saw it from a blog dashboard view rather than the comment queue view, and the former doesn’t have e-mail addresses listed.) Crikey!

        Anyway, hope you’re doing much better now! Now that you have some time off (right?), there’s a lot of reading material here that you can waste time with for days on end…

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