Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 3, 2013

The Marriage of Paneros and Paneris

I’m all messed up in my calendrical senses at the moment…I’ve celebrated one festival that has not occurred in the month yet (despite it being correct on all of the calendars available here!), and I’ve also mistaken today for the start of the festival of the Trophimoi and the Treískouroi, which actually doesn’t start until March 5th (the coming Tuesday). Crikey…

But, in the meantime, it actually has become a holiday of its own, unbeknownst to myself, and to all of you (presumably!) as well. Let me explain.

As I mentioned in my post yesterday, a fifth member of the Tetrad group has emerged, because Paneros wanted a lover and partner of eir own. In fact, the divination session that revealed this eventually got to this matter because it seemed Paneros emself was impeding the process of getting the Tetrad ritual organized because of this “outstanding” matter that had not been resolved. I’d had inklings of it on various previous occasions, but hadn’t done anything about it–that was a mistake. For whatever reason, these are gods I’m particularly tuned in with, and Paneros probably the most of all.

So, the situation had to come about that Paneros created Paneris and then became his/her lover. This would take place, of course, in poetic form.

I began the poem last night, and finished it in the early hours of this morning. It was simultaneously one of the hardest poems I’ve ever written, and also one of the easiest. The “hard part” was actually managing to have the confidence to sit there and just write, knowing that the gods were there and backing me on every word. When I was sitting there writing, there were few pauses to think about what would come next; there were the inevitable cases of having to look up a thing or two to make sure I was right about it, or to find further information since the cast of characters grew a bit more than even I would have expected it to have done. But, other than that, when I was writing, I was writing, and that was that. But then, when I got to the crucial moment when the creation of Paneris took place, I hesitated, because I was not exactly sure what would happen, or how it would happen, or what it might look like…and I listened to all sorts of songs of love, including from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, to get some encouragement. And then, when I started off after that, it was more or less smooth sailing…the events took turns I never expected they would, but I’m very pleased with the results!

And, so, the day after the birth-feast of Panpsyche, Panhyle, and Paneros, the wedding-feast of Paneros and Paneris takes place!

I will be doing various things to get the poem out there in the near future: I’ll be contributing it to a Bibliotheca Alexandrina anthology (though they may nor may not accept it), I’ll be publishing it, along with a further poem that I’ll be writing later this month, as a stand-alone “further adventures of” the Tetrad volume in the coming month or so; and one more thing…

Later this month and early next month, I’ll be taking another trip to the Bay Area. I hope to offer some workshops, sell some books, and do other things to pay for the trip; but, I’m also hoping to have a few rituals of various sorts with different people, and a Tetrad ritual seems like it might be a good thing to do once again. Perhaps the featured matter of this next ritual could be a reading of the new poem…it’s nowhere near as long as the previous one, but it would still likely take around an hour, I’d think. As I’d hope to have the next poem done as well, perhaps both of them could be read, and it could be an “event” of sorts with an interval in between, food and fun and of course a ritual beginning and ending as well. Does that sound appealing to anyone?

So, rejoice and celebrate! The marriage of love and strife has taken place–which is the marriage that everyone, no matter what their gender or sexual orientation happens to be, ends up undergoing in any and every relationship they have, I suspect…!?!

Praise and Thanks to Paneros! Praise and Thanks to Paneris! Hail, Hail, Hail to Them on Their Wedding Day!

[I wish I had some graphics and photos that would be appropriate to this occasion…hint, hint, hint, artist friends of mine!]


  1. Fascinating developments.

    Also, and I suppose this says a hell of a lot about where my mind is, but … every time I see the name Paneris it scans as Penis to me.

    • I’ve always found the Penis neighborhood to be a perfectly good and respectable locality around which to have one’s mind hanging about. 😉

      The dyxlexia is strong with me, of cousre, but I had not really noticed that, surprisingly, which I guess shows where my mind is when dealing with this particular being. (And, that’s also kind of strange, because Paneris is pretty sexual, and has no problems showing off his cock, when he is a he and has one to show off, and likewise when she is a she and has other interesting parts to show…!?!)

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