Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 5, 2013

The Treískouroi and the Trophimoi Festival

Today, March 5th, marks the first day of the week-long festival of the Trophimoi of Herodes Attikos and the rest of this family.

The first day of the festival is dedicated to the three Trophimoi themselves–Achilles, Memnon, and Polydeukion–and to the three Treískouroi–Lucius Marius Vitalis, Antinous, and Polydeukion. Because there is one shared factor between them, it’s actually a celebration not just a celebration of two groups of three, but of five individuals…so the six/five thing is interesting, particularly in light of some of the Tetrad-related developments of the recent days and months…! And, given that all five of these individuals are among the fathers and grandfathers of the Tetrad, that also makes sense and connects in…

While I have written poems and such for them in the past few years (and likely will again in the next week at some stage…!), I would like to try something else this year. Taking a page from the playbook of Sannion (and, considering that’s a football metaphor, and neither the great Pagan Pope of Dionysos, nor myself, have any involvement with football to my knowledge, perhaps I should not have used it…?!?…oh well, when has that ever stopped me before?!?), I would like to expand their circle of associations, so I’m going to use the great YouTube oracle and see what emerges for some terms I enter in related to them.

Hmm…well, not surprisingly, both “Treískouroi” and “Trophimoi” came up with zilch…so, let’s try something else…

First, in honor of the Treískouroi, I tried “Three Boys,” and got (amongst several others) these three results:

So, we’ve got Laotian, German, and Chinese there…nice!

How about “Three Young Warriors”?

So, that was Nottingham…just imagine what Robin Hood would think of these activities all those years on!

How about “Three Foster Sons”?

Well, I got a few clips of the show My Three Sons with Jodie Foster…but, I also got Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks”…but I don’t particularly like their version, so have this one instead!

And, while various others things were tried with little to no success, I did get this last one for “Herodes Attikos” (actually, “Herod Atticus,” because people are ignorant…as is the person who wrote the info on the following video on the YouTube site…

So, there we have it–a feast of images and music, to some extent, to perhaps give some sense of the Treískouroi and the Trophimoi. Maybe. 😉

In any case…

Praise to the Treískouroi: Lucius Marius Vitalis, Polydeukion, and Antinous!
Praise to the Trophimoi: Achilles, Memnon, and Polydeukion!

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