Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 6, 2013

The Trophimoi Week Continues: Herodes’ Kids

Today is the second day of the week-long festival dedicated to the Trophimoi, Herodes Attikos, and Herodes’ other family members. I wrote about this festival last year, and also the year before. That first year, it was dedicated to Herodes’ two daughters, Elpinike and Athenais. The following year, it was dedicated to those two daughters, plus his young son Regillus. This year, it is dedicated to those three, plus Attikos Bradua, Lucius Claudius Herodes (his further adopted son), and his three other children of unknown age and gender who likewise died just after birth or in their infancy or very early childhood. The only one to have survived to later adulthood was Attikos Bradua.

The first three of these are among the mothers, grandmothers, fathers, and grandfathers of the Tetrad, as detailed in here. Attikos Bradua has likewise featured in a poem last year, and he is in the poem on the marriage of Paneros and Paneris, along with Lucius Claudius Herodes. And, you can read a bit more about all of them in both Devotio Antinoo: The Doctor’s Notes, Volume One and A Garland for Polydeukion. [Shameless self-pluggery portion of post now over!]

Following on the YouTube oracle of yesterday (again, taking my inspiration in this regard from Sannion), I got nothing for “Elpinike,” but with “Elpiniki,” I got the following:

With “Athenais,” after a disturbing video of a newborn’s first bath (!), I got the following:

And for “Regillus,” a variety of videos posted by someone whose username is “Regillus” came up, along with the following:

And one from the person whose username is Regillus:


And, one more try, with “Attikos Bradua”: let’s see what we get! Well, nothing…but, just “Bradua” yielded this:

So, there are some thoughts and tunes and images for your day!

Praise to the children of Herodes Attikos! Praise to Elpinike and Athenais! Praise to Regillus and Attikos Bradua! Praise to Lucius Claudius Herodes!

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