Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 17, 2013

The Sixth…

I mentioned the subject of the present post in my last post…did any of you catch it?

As many of you know who have been following the emergence of the Tetrad, and their further additions, something very important happened at PantheaCon in February. Once we had our ritual for the Tetrad, and it was completed, the group of us ritualists came together at the end and gave one another blessings for having done the ritual, and tried to draw it all to a close. We did this successfully, and it was indeed a blessed experience, in my opinion.

But, then something quite unexpected happened.

There were four ritualists playing the four members of the Tetrad; there was also myself, representing the 78+ parents of the Tetrad, and I also did mention the name of Paneris earlier in the ritual; and then there was my Thracian colleague, who was performing some important spiritual work in support of our ritual during the ritual itself. There were six of us…and the Tetrad’s sigil has always had six points. Hmm…

tetrad star by Michael

So, the fifth member of the Tetrad had appeared before this…but, in that heady atmosphere after our ritual, with six of us there, I suddenly realized: there is a sixth.

And, I wasn’t the only one.

My Thracian colleague, soon after the ritual, said “There is a sixth now.” And on the last day of PantheaCon, the ritualist who played Paneros mentioned to me that a dream had occurred after the ritual, in which a variety of things happened, but in which the sixth was very clearly identified and their characteristics were given.

The sixth fulfills a role that, before now, Paneros had fulfilled for many people, but which clearly isn’t appropriate for em. Paneros is of a different gender, neither male nor female but also not necessarily androgynous; but, very definitely, Paneros is not non-gendered. However, there does need to be space for a non-gendered being as well, and for non-gendered people and non-gendered identities, too.

Thus was born Panprosdexia, “All-Acceptance.”

Not only is Panprosdexia a deity who represents the non-gendered possibilities, furthermore they are a deity who represents asexuality. In this, they at first seemed strange to their parents–who are all five members of the Tetrad group–but they eventually accepted this about their newest child. And, in doing so, the possibility of accepting anyone and everyone was opened more widely, not only for the many gods, but for humans as well.

The narrative poem that tells of Panprosdexia is not complete yet, unfortunately, but I hope to have it done in the not-too-distant future. And, I hope that both it and the poem on the marriage of Paneros and Paneris will also be available in various places not too long after that. We shall see…

But meanwhile, Panprosdexia is known and present, and can receive your prayers, your praises, and your cultic attention–especially in art!

And, while I wasn’t sure when I’d mention this, now seems a good time: if you have not seen Sannion’s poem “Vigil,” which is about the Tetrad, go and check it out! I hope he returns to the topic in the future (with the other three poems in the series?), perhaps some of which will include Paneris and Panprosdexia as well! Who knows? 😉

Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Panpsyche and Panhyle! Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Paneros and Paneris! Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Pancrates! Hail, Thanks, and Praise to Panprosdexia! May all accept all in this world and every other!


  1. Looks like you can’t call it a Tetrad anymore. Unless, like Douglas Adams, you’re doing a “trilogy” of six books or sommat.

    • Since I’ve been calling them “the Tetrad” for so long, that name has stuck, and so I’m thinking the expanded group is called “the Tetrad group.” The four original ones are pretty tight (even though they were a dyad, and then two more), and the further two each have had their own trajectories…They’re all part of this new group, certainly, but I’m not big on the name of “the Hexad” or “the Sextad” either, because it just doesn’t seem quite right. Hmm…

      Anyway, it’s still under construction, sort of…

      • You could just call them the *tad😉

      • Ooh…I don’t know if that would really work.

        “Here’s a ‘tad of different genders…”

        Hmm. 😉

  2. asdfghjkl;’

    I’m going to be waiting with bated breath for any future writings about Panprosdexia! (Pssst – what are their pronouns? I’m going to use singular they until I hear otherwise.)

    • At this point, the plural third person as singular seems to be their preferred pronoun. So, as a review (not just for you, but for anyone else reading!):

      Panpsyche: she/her/hers/herself
      Panhyle: he/him/his/himself
      Paneros: e/em/eir/emself
      Pancrates: sie/hir/hir/hirself
      Paneris: he-she/her-him/his-hers/him-herself
      Panprosdexia: they/them/theirs/themself

      I am hoping to have more on Panprosdexia in the coming weeks…much depends on how quickly the stuff for this quarter is resolved, and how much leisure time I have after that before next quarter starts, but I expect it to be no later than late April. The Paneros/Paneris piece is done, it just needs to be transcribed. Stay tuned! 😉

  3. I got a thrill of recognition and delight when I saw Panprosdexia’s name! Yes, yes yes!!

    • I’m so glad! 🙂

      It is a sort of nice name, isn’t it? It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, but it sure likes to play with one’s tongue when it is said, I think!

  4. I suspect the reason the other poems in my series hadn’t manifested is because this emergence had to happen first. I tried writing, but my Muse stubbornly refused to cooperate. This, however, opens up possibilities.

    • Wonderful! I’m glad to hear it!

      Yes, the “Under Construction” sign has been posted over the Tetrad for the past few months, and still technically applies in some way, I suppose…but, now that they’re known and named, they can pretty freely proliferate. And, you’re part of their story anyway, so you’re very free to write as much as you’d like about all six of them now! 🙂

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