Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 19, 2013

Quinquatrus–Another Failed Attempt…

The last two days have witnessed multiple failures on my part–some of which I cannot speak about here except in the most vague of terms–but one of which is that I still have not been able to get some dancers together to become a new set of Salii priests in order to do some warlike dances for Minerva on this day.

I am quite certain that Minerva herself would NOT have approved of the following dance, nor is the dance itself anything like what such dances of the Salii would have been like…but, YouTube oracle nonetheless turns this up:

What has been on my mind through these various failures–both of myself and of others who are important in certain situations, as well as failures of expectation on several occasions–is that justice is something that should not be allowed to fail. While we often think of Minerva’s Greek counterpart, Athena, in close association with Nike (or Victoria in Roman contexts), I also think of Minerva as being very connected to Iustitia, or in Greek to Dike–Lady Justice.

So, may I end these final moments of the day dedicated to Minerva Capta with a prayer to Minerva and Iustitia, Athena and Dike, and to Victoria and Nike as well:

Goddess Minerva Capta,
may Iustitia never depart from us,
and may her apprehension be as joyous
as the taking of your statue in Rome of old.

Goddess Athena over Athens,
may Dike reign over us as surely
as your justice was bestowed upon you by your Father,
and may Dike’s triumph be Nike’s coming.

Goddesses of justice, grant this prayer!


  1. 😦 I’m sorry you’ve not been having the best of luck with that. I could tell how upset you were the other day. If I can help in any way at all please do let me know. Until then I will continue to send good thoughts and vibes your way.

    • Thank you for your support!

      I have someone you should speak with–I had a most enlightening conversation with her yesterday, and she’d like to meet you. More details later…

      • Really? That just made my day! I will probe you with questions later today!

      • Excellent! I have someone coming in at 3, but they should be done by 4. So, come in before 3, or after 4, and all should be well!

  2. Good, I actually planned on coming in about 15 minutes or so!

  3. That video reminded me of how much I want to learn bellydance to use as a form of worship. I should get moving on that…

    And I’m sorry that you’ve been having such a hard time lately. :< (And yes, Justice is something that should never be allowed to fail, but sadly often does…)

    • Thank you–I appreciate your good wishes and solidarity!

      Yes, I think bellydance would be good for devotional purposes for many deities…perhaps not Athena or Minerva, but many others. (Hathor, for starters…and, for that amtter, probably Dionysos, too!)

      • Why not Athena or Minerva, do you think? (Sorry if that’s a dumb question!)

        But yeah, definitely Dionysos (maybe Apollo too?).

      • Very definitely Apollon–we know he had large groups of young male dancers dedicated to him, and some of the dances they did are literally named things like “dick-dance,” etc. So, yeah…!?!

        But as to “why not Athena/Minerva,” it’s mainly because bellydancing is sensual–not always sexual, not always suggestive, but very definitely sensual. Both Athena and Minerva, being independent and virginal goddesses, don’t exactly exude sensuality. (Though Artemis/Diana could, even though they are also virgins…) She very definitely has dances and dancers, but I think they’re much more martial in character–lots of leaping, stamping of feet and banging on things, I suspect, where the sacred dances of Athena and Minerva are concerned.

  4. […] for yesterday (the Quinquatrus and Spider Hunt, etc.) would come out; it was certainly better than in previous years, and yet I still feel that perhaps I should have written three things (focusing more on Minerva […]

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