Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 20, 2013

Special on Academia Antinoi Courses between Today and the 26th of March!

On April 15th, I plan to start the next eight-week term of Academia Antinoi courses. I can do any of the following:

Antinous and Antinoan Spirituality (101)
Understanding Syncretism
Reconstructionism as Methodology
Irish Deities
Lycanthropic Spirituality
Filidecht: An Introduction

HOWEVER, I can also do one or two of the other courses from the list which are not listed above, because I’ll have the time to be able to prepare them on a week-by-week basis. In fact, it seems likely that at least one more such course will be offered, and I’ll let you know as soon as I do which one that will be when I get the possible student for it confirmed for the next term.

What I’d most like to emphasize, however, is that between now and the 26th of March, I’m making these eight-week courses available for $125 rather than $200, as long as you sign up and pay your fee by 8:00 PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, March 26th. After that, I’ll still have a special discount for another week or so before prices go up to their normal rate. I am finding I’m not in as good a financial position as I had hoped I would be at this time, and I’ll be going on a trip on the 27th for a week (more details on that to follow as well!), thus I could use the money sooner rather than later.

So, I will likely have more to write about later today, including a few other


  1. Well, given the topic of my research paper I could have probably used a couple of those. I’m nearly done with it though, hopefully it will hit on more important points than my presentation😉 Ahahahah…. Ahhhhhh *shame*

    • You could always request the college to run a more advanced religion course on these matters, and see what they say…!?! 😉

  2. Well here’s a little spoiler alert on my final, one thing I didn’t like was that the class isn’t long enough (no fault of your own, I’m sure). I really wish there was some sort of extension. Till that happens I’ll just continue to bother you incessantly with my inquiries on the subject. Unless you do really want me to say something because I definitely will!

    • We have two choices for format for classes at the college: three times a week with eighty minute classes (and two of them on adjacent days), or twice a week with two-hour-and-fifteen-minute classes on Tuesday and Friday. I somewhat prefer the longer format, but at the same time, the shorter one can work, too, depending on a few things. (Class size is difficult to know beforehand, and with a larger class like ours, it’s hard to get everyone to speak in that amount of time.)

      But, yes, there’s a variety of things left to be desired in some of these formatting issues that we have no control over at all.

  3. I’m interested in doing Reconstructionism as Methodology. Same procedure as last time?

    • Yes, indeed! The course you took before, plus this one, are something of the “Two Tastes That Go Great Together” in Academia Antinoi. Let me know if you need any further info meanwhile! Thanks so much for doing this!

  4. […] As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I’ll be starting another Academia Antinoi term on Monday, April 15th. For more info on Academia Antinoi, see the following link. […]

  5. […] might sign up. So, for the princely sum of $125, you can take any of the eight-week courses offered this term. This offer is only good through Friday, so please sign up soon by notifying me so we can get this […]

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