Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 24, 2013

The Day of Blood…

I had not expected this particular day to be so un-metaphorical…and yet, still, entirely metaphorical. (Mostly.)

Before too long, I expect to be bleeding from my eyes, if not from the “death of a thousand paper cuts” (mostly because I’ve got about a thousand papers left to read and grade…).

Ironic, somewhat, that with Attis, his worshippers carried branches as dendrophoroi before the day of blood; here, I’m carrying a very large stack of pulped wood (i.e. paper), and it’s causing me to bleed…

And, I suspect I might find myself bleeding from other orofices before too long as well–nothing to worry about medically, but nonetheless, I’m used to more than a little bit of blood being a daily reality in my life.

I have several more hours of this, and other, varieties of bleeding ahead of me. I must get back to it.

I hope your day is, depending on your preferences, either as bloody as possible, or without any blood at all…if you are wise, the latter is the best option.

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