Posted by: aediculaantinoi | March 25, 2013

Hilaria/Antinous and Attis; Hypatia; and, Middle Irish Queer Women’s Day…!?!

It just so happens that today is a huge number of holidays, not unlike March the 17th is with Cú Chulainn, St. Patrick, Pancrates of the Tetrad, and others.

You can read a bit more about some of these holy occasions individually at the following links:

1) Attis and Antinous
2) Hypatia’s Day
3) Middle Irish Queer Women’s Day
4) Snakes and Sabazios

Not unlike the occasion just over a week ago, I thought given how much of a clusterfuck many-splendored festival this is, I’d do one great big syncretistic poem for the occasion and see what shakes out in the process. No title for this one, oddly…

Hypatia in Alexandria, killed by a mob
is remembered with anger and likewise with sobs,
a light bright as her mind never shone
as brilliant even from Helios’ throne.

Two days before this, Cybele cried;
the day Mary conceived was the day Jesus died;
and Iao the first-born of Egyptians destroyed…
while laughter echoed from a Bithynian boy.

Niall Frossach his just judgement gave
a prideful priest’s soul to save
when a woman by another woman conceived
and her silence fír flatha could not deceive.

So, too, no male was Attis’ sire,
and at foot of pine his life expired,
his soul’s fate tied to an evergreen tree,
and thus, by Cybele, his return guaranteed.

And Mary herself, purely conceived
from Holy Sophia her son received
when she magnified great Iao in words sublime
to Elizabeth, the mother of John, divine.

John would baptize in waters that cleanse
like Kotys, the goddess who serpent defends,
and for Sabazios of Thrace this blessed day
snakes caught and kept are sent away.

Was the child of two women at Tailtiu’s feast
the magician Merlin, known west to east?
Or was he the child of Mantinoë
whose laughter echoes still on this day?

Antinous laughs with renewal in heart
and Attis returns like new life from the start
like Sabazios’ snakes shedding skins…
new life from two women, auspicious, begins!


Praise to Sancta Hypatia of Alexandria! Ignis Corporis Infirmat; Ignis sed Animae Perstat!

Hail to Attis, and the return of joy with his resurrection!

Hail to Sabazios, father of serpents, and of Kotys!

Victory and blessings to Niall Frossach, and to the child born of two women!

Ave Maria! Ave Sophia! Ave Elizabeth! Ave Iesu!

Hail, Blessings, Thanks, and Praise to Antinous, who has the last laugh!

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