Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 15, 2013

Reminders of Upcoming and Current Things…

My life has become exponentially more complicated and difficult over the last few days…some of which I might be able to talk in more detail about on Wednesday, and some of which talking about won’t help at all today or tomorrow or next week. Blog posts might be somewhat sparse in the coming week, therefore.

But, I want to remind people of two things.

First, the Academia Antinoi term started today…but, late registration is still possible! I am actually quite desperate for further students at present (because one of the things that has become more difficult in the last few days is finances, i.e. I may not be able to afford insulin next month because my insurance was just cut off, I’m teaching fewer classes at the “actual” college, and unless someone buys 100 copies of my most expensive book in the next fifteen days, I’ve got no other income streams at present), to the point that I’m willing to make it cheaper on the off-chance that therefore more students might sign up. So, for the princely sum of $125, you can take any of the eight-week courses offered this term. This offer is only good through Friday, so please sign up soon by notifying me so we can get this process started!

Second, the Megala Antinoeia is coming up this Sunday. So, artistic pieces in any medium for Antinous and/or any of his associated and allied deities, heroes, and so forth should be in progress now, and ready to be submitted on Sunday the 21st!

That’s all for now.

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