Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 18, 2013

New Publication: Harnessing Fire

Though it has been out for a month or so, I’ve just received my copy of Harnessing Fire: A Devotional Anthology in Honor of Hephaestus, Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s latest publication.

As you can see, it’s an attractive volume; though, the bottom half of the back cover is kind of hard to read (even though there’s not a lot of text there) due to its size against the background.

I’ve got five pieces in this book: three poems and two essays.

The poems are “Hephaistos’ Hammer” (also in The Phillupic Hymns!), “The Bath of Hestia,” and “The Golden Net.” The second of these is, in my opinion, a rather lovely re-envisioning of how Hephaistos came to have his misshapen form, and it completes the triad of the “virgin Greek goddesses bathing and what happens to those who see them,” with the other two being Artemis and Aktaion, and then Athena and Tiresias. The third of these is one of the best and most unexpected poems I’ve ever written, about which I’ll say no more at present!

The two essays are “Hephaistos and Homoeroticism: A Modern ‘Myth’,” and “Limping Olympians: Divinity and Disability,” the latter of which is the last essay in the volume. It’s a theme (i.e. disability and divinities) that I will have a further piece on in an upcoming anthology on paganism and disability that will be released by Immanion/Megalithica in the not-too-distant future.

So, I’m excited about these, and about reading the other contributions as well!

You can get more information, including the full table of contents for this book, here, and you can buy the book here. Go on–it’s April!

(What that has to do with buying books, I don’t really know…but, almost every month is a good month for buying books! Except November–that’s a month for buying socks. Everyone knows that…!?!)


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