Posted by: aediculaantinoi | April 22, 2013

“One Angry Queer”: The Latest “Queer I Stand”

This post went up last week, but I have had a lot of things going on this weekend so I didn’t get to mentioning it…I had no computer access for most of Friday and Saturday, and Megala Antinoeia and other concerns dominated yesterday. Oh well…

So, you know how my column is called “Queer I Stand”? Well, even though I am of the opinion that “queer” is a lot more all-encompassing than matters of gender and sexuality, nonetheless I have not written as much about specifically queer issues lately (this entire calendar year, really) than I have in the past, and there have been several news items of note relating to queerness that I should have addressed at some stage. Hence, “One Angry Queer.” You can read the article here.

Also note, I wrote that article and turned it in the weekend before last, which was before the Boston bombing and all the aftermath of it. So, if it seems rather ignorant to not make mention of that, there’s a reason for it: none of that had happened yet, and I’m not that sort of oracle.

Feel free to comment on the latest column on the pages, or here, as you would prefer.

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