Posted by: aediculaantinoi | June 12, 2013

(Late) For Alexander

For Alexander

His arms outstretched, his hands open
across the sides of the bier
as he was carried by an army
of the servants of Asklepios

gold and silver strewing the path
as if it slipped from his generous grasp
to be taken up by passersby
all the more greedily by the avaricious

the one who had gathered the gold
faster than Hyperborean gryphons
with claws as deadly and wings as swift
was now no longer a living mortal

and all there watched him pass by
helplessly, as fast as he had passed
through this life…there would never be
another upon the earth like him–

many would try, few would come close,
but all would fail to shine as brightly
as the son of Philip and Olympias,
Alexander, for whom “Great” does no justice.

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