Posted by: aediculaantinoi | June 15, 2013

Is There An Exorcist In The House? Apparently, Yes…?!?

Because I recently read Lon Milo DuQuette’s Low Magick, I’m going to blame the following dream I had this morning on him–because, in his view, he had the dream because I had the dream, because his head is that big… (While I can certainly fill up a fez, my head is never THAT big!)

So, I can’t quite remember the beginning of it, but it had a kind of Alfred Hitchcock-like feel to it, down to someone saying at one point that it was reminiscent of Psycho (though I never saw that, or its remakes or sequels). Basically, there was a female demon or spirit that was haunting a house, and it did so because it had possessed some jacket that was in a garment bag in storage, and then it got taken out and hung up on the back of the laundry room door. There was a kind of shot-by-shot thing where the demon kept making things happen around the area of the door, and the other clothes in the garment bag, and the hangers, etc.

Then, pretty much I had to spring into action and was supposed to perform an exorcism on this demon, and was walking out of some other room toward the laundry room (incidentally, this was not a house I am familiar with, though it resembles a few houses I’ve been in around the Bay Area in a few respects…), and realized when I got halfway there that the demon had already taken over more than half of that floor of the house, and so I started to backtrack. I was doing various star shapes in the air and intoning divine names, including Iao Sabaoth and some of his Hebrew names, but then I started to run out of them. Eventually, I licked both of my palms, stamped them on the door-frame and the door, and “cleansed” the space with “water,” even though it wasn’t pure water, and that seemed to be the threshold beyond which the demon could not make any further advances.

I then had some assistance from Michael Sebastian Lvx, who brought various things into the picture. The demon had somehow done all sorts of things, and built various small shrines and altars (which were more like strange art installations or small “cairns” of pillows and other objects than altars as such) within the rooms that it had overrun. I can’t quite remember how it worked, but I had some sort of glove that I kept striking, and was invoking the names of (in this order) Antinous the Liberator, Antinous the Navigator, Antinous the Lover (although I questioned why I did this one as I was doing it), and then Hadrian, Polydeukion, and I think I started to do Paneros of the Tetrad++ Group, and then I stopped. What seemed to be happening in the meanwhile is that the female demon had taken physical form, and was then trying to talk us out of doing anything further to her. Michael had a whole bunch of “magical tools” in this somewhat-triangular but very long bundle, which had some flags on it, and I was turning it around and around, pointed at him, so that the demon wouldn’t overtake him.

Then, various little images and objects that she had created were on one of the “altars,” and I started picking them up. They were of various actual precious metals, like gold and silver, and we started destroying them with a knife, cutting into them (which was extremely easy) and poking holes in them. They were the “typical” objects one would associate with one’s typical theatrical or cinematic demon–little diabolical-looking goat heads, sigils of various sorts, etc. Michael assured me that afterwards, we’d take all of the objects and melt them down and then trade them in for “real money.” (Imagine that…if only it were so easy!) As we did this, there were several points at which we invited the demon to go back to whatever underworld it had come from, because as we did this (though it was no danger whatsoever to us), we had opened portals to the underworlds through which it could escape. And, one of them looked like this:

(That image actually was in something I read yesterday online…I won’t say what it is just now [maybe later, if someone asks, and you’re very good!], but anyway…!?!)

Eventually, we kept this up, and the demon was just gone. So, I guess, in its own strange and not-very-cinematically-climactic-or-satisfying fashion, we exorcised the demon. Success, I suppose…?!?

Exorcism has been a topic of discussion of late, for a variety of reasons. Perhaps this was a kind of dress rehearsal in dreamspace for such an event…

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