Posted by: aediculaantinoi | June 17, 2013

Suibhne’s Festival (a.k.a. GeiltFest ’13!)


As I explained last year, today is the feast of Suibhne, the king of Ireland who became a geilt (“wild-man”) and had a few tries at being re-integrated into society. Ultimately, unfortunately, this didn’t work, and he was killed in an awful misunderstanding that demonstrates how badly society still views people with disabilities (mental or otherwise), artists, and other “volatile” beings…

While there are many things which one might conclude from this festival, or take as possible significances and legacies from Suibhne’s life (apart from his poetry), I am reminded today of how often some of these matters are on a kind of continuum. There is the old Irish adage about seeking wisdom can only result in poetry, madness, or death…are these three things all species of one another? Perhaps…

But, for my own self, I’m reminded of how Suibhne went from madness to poetry, and doing so lessened his madness. For myself today, I went from poetry (or, at least, writing–I wrote a piece of fiction this morning in its entirety, which I’ve been planning for months, and been leading up to for the last few weeks in particular with further thought and research) to madness…not only do I have a headache and feel slightly askew with the wider world, but my perceptions are a bit off and my stability for even the simplest things is not as solid as one would prefer. If I were home and doing nothing, safe within reach of my shrine, I wouldn’t worry too much; but, I’m at college, and have my final class in a few minutes. (Luckily, I don’t have to “teach” per se: I’m just collecting their final papers, and listenting to extra credit presentations if anyone wishes to do one.) I suppose this should be a warning to all who write spiritual art pieces while in public–it can lead to bad places if done in a context that has no appreciation nor regard for such things! :/

I shall be back later to write our day’s hero a poem, and perhaps the wooziness will have subsided somewhat by then…if not, perhaps it will lead to better poetry, with any luck.

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