Posted by: aediculaantinoi | June 19, 2013



I. Hanuman

There is no difficulty on your road
which cannot be solved completely
by courtesy and clear communication.

II. The Leytzes

Boppa: “Save your money.”
“Don’t put that around your neck
or over your head, you’ll suffocate.”
Gra-Ma: “A piece of paper
will hold still long enough
for you to write anything on it.”

III. Wepwawet

Four feet are an advantage
for standing firm:
a leashed hound can lead,
a skunk can stop a bear.

IV. Mt. Erie

If you can see me,
I can see you.

V. Polydeukion

Luxury is a matter of perspective–
for some, it is an extensive villa;
for others, it is an extra helping of beans.

VI. Hathor

Don’t forget to raise your hands–
the dance is not all in the feet.

VII. Cú Chulainn

Three Things Required of a Hero:
winning a battle without wounding,
bragging by telling the truth,
laughing through pain.

VIII. Hermes

Failing to connect happens;
it happens less for those
who never fail in trying to connect.

IX. Lugus

Make your preparations by the gods;
but do not expect the gods
to make preparations in your stead.

X. Antinous

Something which is always present
is only known to be present
when it is seen to be present,
spoken of in the present,
prayed to in the present–
and by so doing, made present.

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